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How to Control LED Strips? A Guide

LED Strips
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LED strip lights are pieces of ingenious inventions. They have greatly transformed home and commercial lighting as they consume less power, produce less heat, and can produce millions of varied color shades depending on the settings. The best part? They have controls that allow you to set them to any mode you want by a simple press of a button.

Sow how exactly are LED Strips controlled? LED strip lights can be controlled through the use of any of the following top controls in the market right now.

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Inline On/Off Switch

OnOff Switch

This is a simple strip control that has two plugs on either end of a thin cable, one female and one male. All you do is plug one end into a power source and the other end into the assigned port on the LED strip. In the center of the cable is a small controller with a single button that serves as the power switch as well as the controller for switching up lighting styles.

Inline Remote Dimmer

A Dimmer
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If you hate having to rise from the chair to physically go and change the lighting settings on the LED strip lights, then this is the controller you need in your life. It resembles a small TV remote and has an expanded set of buttons that include the power switch as well as other buttons for switching colors and dimming down the lights when you need to.

Inline RGB Controller

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This is a controller that is designed to deal specifically with color shifts in addressable LED strips. It comes with three buttons to choose from; Mode, Color, and Speed. Each button has a set function. The Mode button is used for selecting preset light animations; The Color button is for triggering a cycle of the color options available, while the Speed key controls how fast or how slow those changes occur.

44 Key RGB

44 Key Controller
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This is one of the most popular RGB LED strip light controllers because of the number of buttons available on the triangular device. Just like the name, the controller has about 44 buttons that serve a wide range of functions from setting lighting patterns, flashing speeds, power switch, brightness, and dimness, among many others.

The remote employs infrared technology like most TV remotes. All you have to do is point the controller at the control receiver directly without the need to move about.


App Controller
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MiLight is a mobile and tablet app that can be used to control custom LED strip lights. The app is available for Android and IOS users for free, and it is a very convenient method of controlling the lights as it has more reach and has a better user interface, but you will need a Wi-Fi connection for it to work.

The app comes with a ton of extra features that help you get the most out of your LED strip lights. Without any physical buttons and portable separate remote, you will never have to worry about losing it or the buttons getting destroyed due to prolonged use.

T3-M Controller

T3-M Controller

This is the most advanced controller in the list as it can be used to control several strip lights independently at the same time from the same remote. It is programmed with over 18 modes, and it makes use of a special touch control technology that minimizes the need to press every time you need to use it. You simply touch the surface, and changes are affected.

The controller even allows you to pause animations in the middle and then pick from where you left later on. You can even synchronize the LED strip lights with music in the house.

Why LED Strip Controllers are Important

Remote Controller
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Using controllers for LED strips has its own benefits that include the following.

Convenience: They give you the power and freedom to control the lights remotely without having to move about. This makes playing around with the lights more fun as you can do everything even from the comfort of your bed.

Extra Functionalities: The bigger the emote, the more the functionalities. Some even come pre-programmed with extra modes that you wouldn’t be able to access if you chose to deal with the strip lights without remote assistance. More functionalities mean that you are able to get more uses for the LED strip lights.


There are countless LED strip manufacturers around the world who make quality products that you can use to convert your house into a beautiful abode. When selecting LED lights for your house, always go for the ones that come with controllers to make operating them much easier. For more on LED Strip Lights and their controls, feel free to visit our website and see what we offer.

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