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  • waterproof IP67 Silicone Neon Flex RGBW 12x20mm

Product Comprehension

Ginde Star’s Flex RGBW Led Neon is based on RGB technology. It is predominantly designed for atmospheres that require a particular color and temperature. The design was derived from the RGBW, RGBWW, and the dual CCT. 


We designed the RGBW and RGBWW for the same tasks. Although they are both used for illumination and design, they have different features. Our design for RGBW is meant to make white lights cooler. This adds more definition for the color in LEDs. The design for the RGBWW, on the other hand, is meant to give white LED diodes a warmer tone. This gives designers the option to produce more vibrant color combinations. Buying our products in bulk will give you the chance to experiment with multiple light combinations.

Ginde Star is one of the foremost LED neon flex RGBW manufacturers in the world, and we spare no expense in creating quality products for our clients.

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Why Our Neon Flex RGBW Manufacturer in China

RGBW Led Neon is one of our most popular products. It is a specialized LED light that gives neon light designers a great deal of versatility and definition. With this particular product, you can create a myriad of vibrant color arrangements. Here are some of the key benefits of the RGBW Neon LED.

  • Wide color selection

    We take pride in being able to give our customers a myriad of color options. Due to our innovative lighting technology of added LED diodes designers can incorporate over 16.7 million colors to their color combinations.

  • Enhanced color definition

    As a company, we know the importance of producing truly unique products. This is why our researchers go the extra mile in adding advanced LED elements to our products. This gives the lights brighter definitions of color and hues.

  • Sophisticated color combinations

    What sets the RGBW apart from our other products is that it is a combination of the RGBW, RGBWW, and the combined CCT series. This trio of features creates a truly superior lighting effect.

Product Features

As a company, we take pride in giving customers what they want. That’s why innovation is part of our company policy. Here are some of the RGBW Neon Led’s key features.


  • Highly resistant to various forms of damage


The LED Neon Flex is designed to withstand various forms of damage. This makes it very versatile and can be used in different weather and conditions. 


  • High-performance SMD LED chips


Our aim is to give our clients the best products ever. By incorporating top quality SMD Led chips into all our NEON lights we ensure truly consistent lighting effects.


  • Energy-efficient design

A majority of neon lights tend to use a lot of energy. Luckily, we use innovative energy-saving designs for all our LED products.


  • Consistent color quality


Consistent color quality is one of the trademark features of all our products. If you’re using Ginde Star products, you can rest assured that your colors will remain smooth and dot-free.

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    Flame Resistant

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    UV Resistant

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    Solvent Resistant

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    Saltwater Resistant

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    IP67/68 Protection

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    IK08 Security

Product Specifications

  • Featured Models
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  • Packaging
  • Model Name10x10mm Silicone CCT10x18mm Silicone CCT10x20mm Silicone RGBW (CCT)12x20mm Silicone RGBW (CCT)15x15mm Silicone RGBW (CCT)
    Model No.GS-FNS1010-12/24-CCTGS-FNF1018-12/24-CCTGS-FNF1020-12/24-RGBW (CCT)GS-FNF1220-12/24-RGBW(CCT)GS-FNS1515-12/24-RGBW(CCT)
    Bending Diameter(Min.)80mm100mm120mm120mm150mm
    LED LightSMD2835 LEDSMD2835 LEDSMD5050SMD2835 LEDSMD5050SMD2835 LEDSMD5050SMD2835 LED
    LED Qty120LEDs/m120LEDs/m60LEDs/m   96LEDs/m120LEDs/m60LEDs/m   96LEDs/m120LEDs/m60LEDs/m   96LEDs/m120LEDs/m
    LED Spacing8.33mm8.33mm16.67mm/10.42mm8.33mm16.67mm/10.42mm8.33mm16.67mm/10.42mm8.33mm
    Cutting Interval(Min.)50mm/100mm50mm/100mm50mm / 31.2mm50mm50mm / 31.2mm50mm50mm / 31.2mm50mm
    Power Consumption10±2W10±2W15W10±2W15W10±2W15W10±2W
    Working voltage12V/24 DC12V / 24V DC12V / 24V DC12V / 24V DC12V / 24V DC
    Light surfaceSquare ShapeFlat ShapeFlat ShapeFlat ShapeSquare Shape
    Beam Angle320°160°160°160°160°
    Bending DirectionVerticalSide/HorizontalSide/HorizontalSide/HorizontalVertical/Horizontal
    IP ratingIP67IP67IP67IP67IP67
    Model Name12x25mm Silicone RGBW (CCT)11x19mm PVC RGBW18x18mm PVC RGBW
    Model No.GS-FND1225-12/24-RGBW(CCT)GS-FNF1119-12/24-RGBWGS-FNS1818-12/24-RGB
    Bending Diameter(Min.)120mm120mm150mm
    LED LightSMD5050SMD2835 LEDSMD5050SMD5050
    LED Qty60LEDs/m   96LEDs/m120LEDs/m60LEDs/m60LEDs/m
    LED Spacing16.67mm/10.42mm8.33mm16.67mm16.67mm
    Cutting Interval(Min.)50mm / 31.2mm50mm500mm500mm
    Power Consumption15W10±2W15W15W
    Working voltage12V / 24V DC12V / 24V DC;12V / 24V DC;
    Light surfaceDome ShapeFlat ShapeSquare Shape
    Beam Angle270°160°160°
    Bending DirectionSide/HorizontalSide/HorizontalVertical
    IP ratingIP67IP65IP65
  • LED chipEpistar, SANAN, Osram, More on Request
    LED Qty60LEDs/m; 96LEDs/m ;120LEDs/m; 240LEDs/m
    Cutting Mark(Min.)50mm(3LEDs) or 31.2(3LEDs)@12VDC; 100mm(6LEDs) or 62.5mm(6LEDs) @ 24V DC
    Input Voltage12V/24 DC; 110V/220V AC
    Jacket colorWhite
    RGBW colorRGB+2700K; RGB+3000K; RGB+4000K; RGB+4500K; RGB+5700K; RGB+6500K
    Dual ColorWhite+Warm white; White+Red; White+Green; White+blue
    Packing Lengthmax.50meters/roll
  • Standard mounting accessories and custom parts tailored to your project are both accessible with Ginde Star.

    • mm silicone led neon flex RGBW front cap and end cap

      10x20mm silicone led neon flex RGBW front cap and end cap

  • Standard packaging and bespoke packaging are both available to meet the specific demands of your project.

    Standard Inner Packaging

    • Option 1: Carrier Plate

      • Reel Packaging: 50m each plate

      • Gross Weight: 22kg each carton

      50m roll mini neon flex 8x16mm reel package 50m roll mini neon flex reel package
    • Option 2: Anti-static Bag

      • Anti-static Packaging: 5m each bag

      • Gross Weight: 1.5kg each carton

      P02 4 S06 pic4 6

    Standard Outer Packaging

    • Carton:

      Reel Packaging – 34x34x32cm

      Anti-static Packaging – 38x40x15cm

      cartons for 50m mini neon flex

Suitable Applications

The mini neon led is a very customizable product. Due to its flexibility and easy installation, it could be used for various applications that range from marketing to art. Ginde Star produces mini flex in various colors. This makes it perfect for neon light store signs that are meant to attract the customer’s attention. The mini flex could also be used for neon light artwork because it can be formed into eye-catching shapes and designs with minimal effort. It has a more light-weight design that makes it perfect for delicate and meticulous lighting projects.

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    Motor Vehicle

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