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Green Philosophy

LED neon flex itself is environmental-friendly, yet we make it even greener from materials to production. The certifications of RoHS, REACH, UL, and CE are well maintained in each product series of ours.

Ginde Star is highly aware of our social responsibility and the LED lighting development trends. Hence our team always endeavors to optimize every manufacturing process to reduce our carbon footprint or any negative impact to the environment, and significantly improve our lean efficiency.

worker showing green quality silicone led neon flex

ECO Materials

Our PVC and silicone are recyclable, good for environment protection.

clean pvc raw material of neon flex

• Environmental PVC

We only utilize the real eco-friendly PVC that is brand-new and meeting eco-conscious standards, rather than the reused PVC material that is smelly and short-life in contrast.

The PVC housing LED neon flex series are more widely applicable and favorable in the industry.

clean silicone raw material of neon flex

• Food-Grade Silicone

Silicone is the new favor and the potential future force in this market. Our silicone is high-grade, perfectly clean, long-lasting, strictly certified, and definitely high performing.

Our silicone flexible LED neon light series are more durable, anti-aging, and design accessible.

How We Make Future-friendly Neon Flex

  • automatic chip surface mounting for neon flex

    #1  Automatic Chip Surface Mounting

    Automatic LED PCB mounting by high-speed SMT machines. No false soldering by the strict control of the proper solder paste temperature.

  • LED neon flex light board welding

    #2  LED Light Board Welding

    Manual or mechanical welding the LED strips to the custom length of 5m (silicone), 50m (PVC) normally. Make sure no pseudo soldering or stain.

  • LED neon flex aging testing

    #3  LED Aging Testing

    100% aging test implemented. The LED strips will be lighted up for at least 24 hours or even up to 1 year to test the anti-aging properties and quality.

  • automatic neon flex glue extrusion

    #4  Automatic Glue Extrusion

    Automatic extruders output the finished products. It requires the anti-bending, heat-resistant materials under a high temperature of up to 170℃.

  • neon flex outlet terminal processing

    #5  Outlet Terminal Processing

    After the PVC or silicone extrusion, skilled workers will put on the end caps and mount the terminal wiring according the specific requirements.

  • LED neon flex integrating sphere testing

    #6  Integrating Sphere Testing

    Professional engineer will carry out automatic integrating sphere test to ensure excellent lighting properties of luminous flux, CRI, CTT, spectrum.

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Certified Green

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Our Warranty

  • • A 3-Year guarantee of finished products free of material or workmanship manufacturing defects.
  • • Free replacement available if any quality issues caused by manufacture within warranty.
  • • Warranty extension available with a premium upon your request.

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