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If you let us customize your neon lights, we will ensure that your products have high-quality LED chips. With our wide selection of LED chips, clients now have the opportunity to choose intrinsic features for their LED lights. You can not just choose the color and brightness of your LED lights but also customize the color temperature, warmth, and much more. You also have the freedom to choose the type and brand of the LED chips.

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Customize Your Neon lights in Ginde Star (OMD Or OEM)

Our neon light customization services are efficient and cover multiple facets of the light design process. Here are some of our customization features.

  • Dimension
  • Cuttable Length
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Color Temperature
  • CRI
  • Outlet and Bend Type
  • Packaging
  • Dimension

    Through our customization service, you have the option to choose the width, length, and thickness of your neon light design. We believe that every aspect of the neon light design is important, which is why we offer a myriad of size options to accommodate the needs of various neon light applications.

  • Length

    Length is yet another aspect of the customization process that we take very seriously. Ginde Star offers PVC and silicone neon flex of various lengths, such as 2.5cm, 5cm, 10cm, to 100cm. Our lengths are not limited to these measurements. We are fully capable of customizing your neon light’s length according to your exact specifications.

  • Shape

    Our products are highly customizable and can be flexed into a myriad of shapes. Our usual lineup of neon light shapes includes slim neon, flat neon, square neon, tri-view neon, round neon, and mini-neon lights. These are not the only shapes in our repertoires though. We also have the capability to shape your neon lights according to your exact specifications.

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    With our neon light customization service, you can have your colors tailor-made to your exact specifications. You can choose from a variety of color combinations and pattern them according to your specific needs. Through our color customization service, you can be as meticulous with your color combinations and effects as possible.

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    Color Temperature

    When it comes to creating a specific ambiance with neon lights, you will need to be as detailed as possible. Color temperature directly affects the feel of an environment. Through our light customization service, you can choose the right color temperature for your neon lights.

  • custom neon flex different color rendering index


    The CRI or Color Rendering Index is necessary for creating vivid and accurate light effects. Our products can support CRI features that reach up to 95RA to 98Ra.

  • Outlet and Bend Type

    Outlets and bend options are very important aspects of neon light design. A badly positioned outlet or an inefficient bend can affect the overall effectiveness of the product. To avoid any design errors, we give our clients overall freedom in choosing their outlet and bend designs.

  • Packaging

    We take the needs and comfort of our customers very seriously. This includes the packaging of our products. We want to ensure that our customers get their purchases in the best condition possible. We offer 5m, 10m, 50m, 100m of rope lights, each one is stored in an anti-static bag or box to ensure the product’s safety.

How Can You Start Your Projects

Now that you know all about our customization service, you can get started on your neon light project. Here’s how you can sign up and take full advantage of our various services.

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    #1 Fast Custom Quotation

    Send your inquiry with your needs by photos or videos, we will promptly offer you a tailor-made quotation.

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    #2 Bespoke Free Sample

    Upon receiving your customized quotation, you can now book your orders. You will receive free samples based on your own specifications and needs. Please confirm that the free samples were able to meet your expectations. We wiIl take your feedback and craft your custom-made products.

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    #3 Customized Production

    Once we receive your go-ahead we will start manufacturing your LED Iights. Bulk orders only take 7-15 days to be ready for delivery. We value our customer’s time. Which is why we make it a priority to deliver our products within or before schedule. We pack our products in specially designed bags or boxes that ensure safe and rapid delivery. There is also a time limit of five days for normal deliveries and seven days for custom orders. These procedures will ultimately ensure that our clients get their orders intact and on time.

More Exclusive Bespoke Support

We do more to work it out for you.

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Custom-made Molding

Not any manufacturers are willing to make molds for specific requirements on specifications. Whereas, Ginde Star barely sets any barriers for molding options, as long as this is what your project asks for.

Different engineering structures and applications employ particular flexible linear lights of diverse sizes and supporting components. What you have to do is to share your custom needs, and our experts will make you the specially molded LED neon flex and accessories to perfectly fit your project.

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Fast Delivery, No Delay

Delay is never our standard. To support your urgent case, our team will spare no efforts to arrange rapid or even before-schedule delivery so as to save your waiting expenses and help you to start your new business immediately.

We promise a minimum 5-day delivery for normal orders of standard models, and a minimum 7-day delivery for custom orders.

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