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RGB LED Strip Lights

Our product ranges are designed for led neon flex wholesale, engineering projects, lighting design, and structure decoration.

Bulk RGB LED Strip Wholesale

Ginde Star is a trustworthy LED lighting manufacturer of innovative and green lighting options, including RGB flexible LED strip lights. We aim to provide our customers with versatile lighting solutions that comply with various international standards.

By buying RGB LED strip lights in wholesale from Ginde Star, you can save on your energy expenses and get RGB lights that are tailored to your specific needs.

We also offer customization services for your different requirements.

Product Specifications of RGB LED Strips

Model Name#1 RGB LED Strips#2 RGB LED Strips#3 RGB LED Strips 
Cutting Units
3LEDs/ 5cm; 6LEDs/10cm6LEDs/6.25cm3LEDs/ 2.5cm; 6LEDs/5cm 

PCB Wide (Min.)

LED Light
Working Temperature-25℃ to 55℃-25℃ to 55℃-25℃ to 55℃
Power Consumption
Beam Angle160°160°160°
Bending Direction
Light Attenuation Degree

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Thermal Resistance (Tr)

< 0.08~0.1℃/W< 0.08~0.1℃/W< 0.08~0.1℃/W
Thermal Management

Cool Touch Free Air Convection

Cool Touch Free Air ConvectionCool Touch Free Air Convection
Strip Length
Max. 10m/roll
Input Voltage
12V DC/24V
LED type
LED qty
30LEDs/m, 60LEDs/m, 72LEDs/m,96LEDs/m,120LEDs/m
PCB Wide

We offer digital RGB LED strips in various specifications:


  • LED Type: SMD 5050
  • Number of LEDs (LEDs/m): 60, 96, 120
  • PCB Width: 10mm, 12mm, 10mm
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V, DC 24V
  • Power Consumption: 14.4 W/m, 18 W/m, 15 W/m
  • Cutting Units: 3 LEDs/5 cm, 6LEDs/10 cm, 6 LEDs/6.25cm, 3 LEDs/2.5 cm, 6 LEDs/5 cm


Does your project require other features? Feel free to talk to our experts so we can help you in customizing your desired LED strip lights. We are more than happy to assist you.

Wholesale High Quality RGB Led Strip From Ginder Star

Ginde Star’s RGB LED tape lights or strip lights offer the following advantages:

Applications of RGB LED Strip

Ginde Star offers versatile RGB LED strips that are suitable for any application such as outdoor lighting and PC lighting.

RGB light strips for PCs

We have RGB light strips for PCs that are perfect for gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience. You can personalize your PC by adding RGB lighting to your PC case and/or illuminating the fan using RGB strips.

outdoor RGB LED strip lighting

outdoor RGB LED strip lighting

We also have outdoor RGB LED strip lighting options. You can use them to light up any outdoor area to make it more romantic. They are perfect for landscape lighting and highlighting structures. You can even create fake flames and candles using RGB lights.

More Led Strip Products

What is RGB LED Strip

RGB LED strips contain multiple RGB LED series joined together. You can use them to produce any kind of colored lighting. They are called RGB strips because each LED contains 3 chips (Red, Blue, and Green). Ginde Star RGB LED light strips are made using the highest quality LEDs that promise vibrant colors and brightness.

How Do RGB LED Strips Work?

Below are the key points on how Ginde Star’s RGB strip lights work:

The RGB LED strip schematic is composed of small RGB LEDs and resistors that limit the current passing through the LED to prevent it from overheating.

The individual LEDs in an RGB LED either share a common cathode or anode.

  • They produce 3 main colors by default but since they are dimmable, you can produce other color shades by adjusting the intensity of each LED using the controller.

The Most Popular RGB LED Strip Types

Below are the most popular types of RGB LED strip lights that you might want to check out:

5050 RGB LED Strip


5630 RGB LED Strip

Ginde Star’s RGB LED strip lights use 5050 chips that allow them to produce luminous lights.

RGB LED Strip 5050 vs RGB LED Strip 3528

Below is a table showing the 5050 RGB LED strip datasheet and SMD 3528 RGB LED datasheet so that you will see why our 5050 RGB LED strips are better than 3528 RGB LED strips:


RGB LED Strip 5050

RGB LED Strip 3528

SMD Size

50mm × 50mm

35mm × 28mm

No. of Chips




> 1,000 Lm/m

360-720 Lm/m

Average Power Consumption

5050 RGB LED strip power consumption is 7.2 W/m

3528 RGB LED strip power consumption is 4.8 W/m


Red, Green, Blue, RGB, White, Yellow, Warm White

Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Warm White

Heat Dissipation

Requires heat sinks

Does not need heat sinks


RGB Control, CCT Control, Fully Dimmable

CCT Control, Fully Dimmable

Beam Angle



How to Install RGB LED Strips?

Knowing how to properly install your RGB LED lights is important to ensure the success of your lighting project. Here, we will show you how to install our 5050 SMD RGB LED strip light.


Below are the main materials needed by RGB strip lights to function:

RGB LED Strip Controller

RGB LED Strip Controller

You will need an RGB controller to adjust the LED’s brightness and create color-changing effects. Without a controller, your RGB strip light will not function correctly.

RGB LED Strip Amplifier

RGB LED Strip Amplifier

These are used to amplify control signals. They ensure consistent brightness, color, and clarity for your installations.

RGB LED Light Strip Connectors

You use connectors to connect 2 lengths of RGB LED strips together if you want to make a longer strip.

RGB LED Power Supply

RGB LED Power Supply

Also known as LED transformers or LED drivers, power supplies provide your RGB LED strips with 12V or 24V DC power. Make sure you choose one that matches your strip light’s specifications.

RGB LED Strip Installation Process

Cutting Strip Lights

Connecting Multiple RGB LED strips

Connecting the Strip to a Power Supply

Connecting the Strip to a Controller

Powering up the LED Strip

Mounting the Strip Lights, Power Supply, & Controller

Mounting the Strip Lights, Power Supply, & Controller

Where to Buy RGB LED Strip

Once you have decided what LED strip lights you want, the next step is finding a supplier. Should you buy from a manufacturer or a retailer? Online or offline? Below is a comparison of your available options:

Manufacturer vs Retailer

Buying LED strip lights in bulk from a manufacturer, like Ginde Star, instead of in small quantities from a retailer will give you a lot of benefits.

When you buy RGB LED strips in wholesale, we can provide you with warranties and after-sale support. You can choose from a wide variety of RGB lighting options because we have plenty of stock and we can consistently produce RGB lights. We even offer customization services to match your specific needs. You can rely on Ginde Star’s high-quality RGB LED strips that conform with industry standards.

Online vs Offline


RGB LED Strip 5050

RGB LED Strip 3528


Greater access to the supplier’s offered products

You need to manually check each of their products on-site


  • You can order anywhere, anytime
  • Your orders can be delivered right to your doorstep
  • You need to travel to the supplier’s physical shop
  • Transporting the products you bought yourself is very inconvenient


They offer online support services

Not all can offer after-sale support

Variety & Availability

Retail shops display limited products but you can find all of the company’s offered products online

You can only choose from the available products they currently have in their shop

Thus, buying online from an RGB LED strip manufacturer directly is the most recommended option. Moreover, you should buy RGB LED strips from China because the country houses the best suppliers of affordable goods. Ginde Star, a China-based LED manufacturer with its own factory, can provide you with any type of lighting you need.

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