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Ginde Star is a reliable neon light supplier that has been operating since 2013. We are a dedicated and ISO-certified company that focuses on manufacturing high-quality and eco-friendly neon LED decorative lighting for residential and commercial applications. Our factory houses innovative technology that is capable of making neon flex lights that are durable, weather-proof, heat-resistant, solvent-resistant, and energy-efficient.

We offer a range of neon flex lighting products, including LED neon flex mini, LED neon flex landscape, LED neon flex RGB, and more. As one of the leading players in the LED lighting industry, we also offer our expertise and assistance in custom orders. We will work with you systematically so we can devise the most ideal neon flex solution for your project!

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We always strive to give our clients the best customer experience when working with us. Aside from our excellent customer service, we also want our clients to be confident that their neon LED lights are safe and made with the highest quality. To ensure the optimum performance of our neon flex products, we have earned several certifications, including ISO:9001, CE, REACH, and UL.

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Fully Customized
Neon Lights

We are a well-trusted neon light supplier that accepts both ODM and OEM orders This is to give confidence to our clients that we have the capabilities to provide them with the best products for their projects that are both efficient and profitable.

Whatever designs, shapes, dimensions, sizes, colors, CCT, fixture connections, outlet methods, packaging, printing logo, or other special requests, we will be more than happy to make them a reality. We will communicate with you at all times to ensure that each process is done in the most effective manner.

We assure you every step of the manufacturing process is done in-house to speed up the production of both your samples and actual products while maintaining their unparalleled quality.

Flex LED Lights in Different Applications

Our LED neon rope lights have a more cost-effective approach to better achieve modern LED lighting designs and economic benefits in architectural, urban, commercial, and residential applications.

  • #1   LED Neon Sign Industry

    • • The sign industry has long been known to consume too much energy. But with LED neon lights, public signs can now be displayed with brighter lights while consuming less energy. Our neon rope lights are brighter, eco-friendly, safer, and power-saving.
    • • Neon Open/Closed Signs
    • • Neon Bar Signs
    • • Neon Signatures
    • • Custom Neon Signs
    LED neon sign in the street
  • #2   Interior/Exterior Lighting Design

    • • Flexible neon LED lights are the best option for both interior and exterior lighting designs. Aside from being energy-efficient, these lights are brighter and can last longer compared to traditional lights. The costs for maintenance and electric bills are greatly reduced.
    • • Furniture LED Lighting
    • • Undercounter LED Lighting
    • • LED Cabinet Lighting
    • • Neon Wall Lighting Party Neon Decoration
    interior LED lighting
  • #3   Party Neon Decoration

    • • Using neon LED neon lights for party decorations offers so many benefits. These lights give off exceptional colors, making the designs more attractive. They are also safe as they produce less heat waste than traditional lights. They are eco-friendly and require less maintenance, making them a more affordable option.
    • • Large Event Planning
    • • Stage LED Lighting
    • • Neon Party, Glow Party
    party neon flex decoration
  • #4   Architectural Lighting Design

    • • Effective lighting is essential in architectural designs to highlight the forms, spaces, textures, and colors of a structure. With flex LED neon lights, projects will have great savings potential while still showcasing the important features of a structure.
    • • LED Landscape Lighting
    • • Hotel LED Lighting
    • • Bridge Feature Lighting
    bridge neon flex decoration
  • #5   LED Boat Lighting

    • • The best thing about LED boat lighting is that they give off full brightness in an instant, which is crucial for boats that travel at night. Neon LED lights are also safe as they convert 80% of electricity into light. These lights also last longer, greatly reducing the costs for maintenance and replacement.
    • • Marine Interior Lighting
    • • Boat Neon Flex Decoration
    • • Yacht LED Lighting
    boat LED neon flex lighting
  • #6   Custom LED Lighting

    • • As flex LED neon lights are very flexible, we also cater to custom LED lighting projects. Neon LED lights are ideal for so many applications since they are long-lasting, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and produce wonderful colors of lights. They give off a wonderful appearance, a perfect way to attract people.
    • • LED Emergency Vehicle Lighting
    • • LED Warning Lighting
    • • High-end Interior Lighting Decoration
    custom vehicle LED lighting
complete aftersales support from professional team

Comprehensive Aftersales Support

Along with the delivery of your products, we will also include 1% of the free spare parts to back up the installation of your neon lights thoroughly. Apart from that, we guarantee a free-of-charge replacement of specific parts within the warranty.

But rest assured, our products are made from high-quality parts and materials and it is rare for us to receive product returns. Furthermore, you can message us directly for any queries and concerns and we will respond as soon as possible.

With Ginde Star, you can fully expect that we have complete support for your project!

Environmentally Friendly Quality of Our LED Flex Lights

One of our objectives as one of the leading LED neon flex suppliers is to produce premium-quality LED neon lights without harming the environment. Our products are made from eco-friendly materials, such as clean PVC and food-grade silicone.

While producing our flex neon lights, we also focus on sustainability. We always improve our production processes to reduce carbon footprint and wastes that are harmful to the environment. Aside from using eco-friendly materials, we also make sure that our LED lighting solutions are power-saving. Through this, not only do our lights help the environment, but they also help our customers conserve energy and save from electricity bills.

eco friendly silicone neon flex manufacturing

Why Choose Ginde Star

We are aware that with the rise of the decorative lighting industry, more LED neon light manufacturers emerge. That is why we aim to stand out by offering our clients the best LED neon light products in the market.

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    Convenient Molding

    If you have specific requirements for your project, we are here to help you. We manufacture and customize molds that require special dimensions and accessories.

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    Project-friendly MOQ

    We offer a flexible MOQ that meets the actual demands of your project. Our MOQ is comparably lower starting from 10m, bringing you the highest flexibility to test the market.

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    Complete Specifications

    We offer an array of LED neon flex categories, allowing you to save more time and effort in looking for different products. We will always do our best to address all of your needs!

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    Focus and Pro

    We are solely focused on marketing our main product, the LED linear flex neon light. Through this, we are able to perfect its quality and performance and offer you professional lighting solutions.

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    Fast Delivery

    We understand the importance of time in every project of our clients. We will always prioritize your orders through strategic production methods and efficient deliveries.

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    Great Price

    By offering the best quotes for our high-performance LED neon lights, we are able to help you save more from your project expenses and earn more profits.

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