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LED neon flex has the look of neon, and the benefit of LED, which is more and more popular nowadays for both decorative and functional lighting. We have helped many customers perfectly bring their designs into reality in a cost-effective way. No matter what cuttable sizes, widths, lengths, colors, CRI, CCT, materials, shapes, bending methods, outlet terminals, and packaging, we supply a wide range of products to completely support the applications including:

  • 1. LED Neon Signs, LED Bar Signs, LED Open Closed Signs;
  • 2. Interior/Exterior Lighting Designs, Linear Lighting for House Furnishings and Display Cabinets;
  • 3. Evening Party Planning, Large Event Decorative Lighting;
  • 4. Architectural Feature Lighting for Hotels, Bridges, and more;
  • 5. Marine/Yacht/Boat Decorative Illumination;
  • 6. Custom Lighting like Warning and Emergency Vehicle Lights;
  • 7. More on Requirements.

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