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Neon Flex Australia: Top 5 Neon Light Brands You Should Know

Led neon flex

Australia has a growing market of led lights that is increasing its demand as time goes by. This has seen the rise of different brands coming in to fill this spot to ensure they cater to the needs in the market. Neon flex is one of the most embraced lighting solutions at the moment that comes with the lowest energy consumption. This factor has made more businesses and people switch from traditional lighting to led.

This shift is a welcome development in the lighting industry seeing as it has introduced amazing benefits to all its users. There are different led neon flex suppliers worldwide making the choices a bit varied. Narrowing your focus to one region will help you find the right neon flex suppliers to work with. If you’d like to work with neon flex manufacturers and brands in Australia, here are a few for you to consider.

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Neon Flex

Neon flex logo

For over a decade, neon flex has continued to provide quality led neon options for their customers at every turn. They work with different businesses in different industries with a variation in terms of application. Neon flex Australia prides itself in providing products that can be used commercially, domestically, and for retail applications. The best part about these led neon manufacturers is that they take custom orders. 


This allows them to manufacture a product that is unique to their customer’s requirements. Their led neon flex products come in different colors and are made with the latest technology to boost their performance. This company goes a step further to offer different services to their client’s including designing their spaces for led and also installing them. This makes them a great company to consider.


Flexineon logo

Founded in the year 1999, Flexineon has established its presence in Australia bringing different lighting options to the market. They pride themselves in coming up with different innovations for their led products. This company started with Christmas lights manufacturing but has grown to specialize in the manufacture of led neon flex. If you’re looking for led neon flex manufacturers that will deliver within a short period, this is the company for you. 


They carry stock of all their products which means the products are ready waiting to be purchased. This is a great option if you are in rush to complete a specific project. This company works with customers from different industries who require the lights for different applications.

ANL Lighting

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With over thirty years of experience, ANL lighting has been providing different lighting solutions that meet the market’s needs. They work with the best specialists that bring their expertise to ensure that all the products meet the set requirements. They work with a team of 45 such professionals who enhance their extensive product quality and energy efficiency. This company also features led neon lights in their extensive array of lighting solutions. The best thing about this neon light supplier is the amazing support they offer their clients. This helps reduce the need for clients to try to figure out everything by themselves.

Led Lighting Group

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Located in Melbourne, Australia, Led lighting group has continued to be one of the leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of led neon lighting solutions. They deal with a variety of lighting products that feature the use of led technology for energy efficiency. The led lighting group offers the option to customize their led lights and also deliver them ready to install. This helps ease the burden on their clients and ensure they can easily navigate installation by themselves. If you are looking for wholesale neon lights, then this company will work for you. They offer the opportunity to get their products in bulk at a discounted price. This comes in handy, especially for resellers.

Gindestar Led

Gindestar led logo

Founded in 2013, Gindestar led is one of the leading neon light suppliers providing the best lighting solutions for different industries. This company employs the use of the latest led technology on all their products. This allows them to produce lighting solutions that are of high quality and greatly appreciated by clients. When it comes to led neon China, this is one of the most trusted companies to work with. They have been in the industry for a long time and have figured out their logistics to ensure they provide the best services. This allows them to export their products to Australia and other countries worldwide. They are a great company to consider if you want the best Led products for your projects.


Finding the right led neon suppliers requires you to invest time and go through the different options available. With the list curated, you’ll find one neon flex brand in Australia to work with. Remember to ensure that you always invest in quality when it comes to led neon flex. This will ensure that you get the most use out of your purchase.

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