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Led Neon Flex Canada: Top 5 Neon Light Brands You Should Know

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One of the most efficient and high performing lighting solutions is led neon flex. This lighting solution uses the latest led technology that allows it to be energy efficient and also very durable. These facts have made more businesses and individuals more interested in using these lighting solutions rather than the traditional ones. With this, there has been a growing number of led neon flex suppliers worldwide coming in to fill the demand in the market. This increase in different company choices has made the process of narrowing down to one led neon flex manufacturer to work with a real hassle. However, if you are looking for brands to work with, in Canada, here is a list of the best 5 led neon manufacturers to consider.

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Moss Led

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Founded in 2009, Moss led has continued to be one of the leading neon flex suppliers in Canada. This company was established to cater to the growing demand for innovative led products. They were mainly focused on serving the cinema, television, and entertainment industries. Over the years, they have ventured into creating products for other industries including commercial applications and more.


Their led products are designed with high performance and quality in mind. This is why they are used 24/7 all through the year without any complications and failure. The best part about this company is that they also feature order customization. This allows them to provide for their client’s specific requirements in a specific project. If you’re working on a project that needs designs not readily available in the market, this is the best brand to work with.

Led My Place

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If you’re looking for a neon light supplier that carries stock of their products, Led my place is the perfect option for you. Founded in 2014, this company has grown to provide quality led lighting solutions to all their customers. Their led lighting solutions can be used in different industries making their applications varied.


This company has warehouses in Louisville and Kentucky, Canada which allows them to have stock readily available to dispatch upon purchasing. They pride themselves in contributing towards achieving an energy-efficient community. This is a great company to consider especially when you need to get your products within a tight timeline. Their neon flex products come in a variety of colors which diversified their application and the looks you achieve

Led Neon Flex

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Owned by Green Led Lighting Solutions (GLLS), led neon flex has applied the best practices when it comes to led lighting solutions. This is because of the support and guidance it receives from GLLS that is an engineering company with extensive knowledge in Led lighting and signage solutions.


This company specializes in providing led lights for commercial use in different industries. These neon light suppliers are located in New Brunswick Canada with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. The best part about this company is that all their products are made to be environmentally friendly which is an attractive incentive for all those who are conscious about the environment’s needs.

Magic Lite

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With over 35 years, Magic lite has become the go-to neon lights Toronto suppliers who have gained great recognition. They are trusted by different people in a variety of industries to provide quality led lighting solutions. This company employs the use of the latest technologies with industry expertise to create products in the architectural and specialty lighting space. Magic lite also carries stock and offers their customers a discounted price on products purchased in bulk. This means that if you need wholesale neon lights for your project, this is the best company to consider.

Gindestar Led

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One of the best Led neon China suppliers is the Gindestar led company. This company was founded in 2013 and has been a reliable neon lights supplier gaining the trust of its customers. Gindestar specializes in manufacturing and supplying quality lighting solutions made with the latest led technologies.


If you’re in the market for quality neon rope light suppliers, this brand is the best choice to go with. They have established networks across the world including Canada. This makes it easy for them to export all their products within a short period as agreed upon with clients. This is a great company to work with given that they offer great support and communication coupled with their quality led neon flex products.


Led neon flex brands in Canada are quite a few giving you a long list of companies to consider. This list however helps you narrow this down and allow you to find one that works for your needs. Choose led neon flex manufacturers who will promise quality on their products and actually deliver. This will allow you to enjoy the full benefits of using led lighting over traditional lighting. Take your time to determine who you’ll work with and create magic in all your projects.

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