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Get Competitive Neon Light Quotes: 20 Best LED Neon Flex Suppliers Worldwide

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There has been increasing popularity and demand for LED neon flex lights. Entertainment venues, households, and businesses are all using them more to enhance the look of their spaces. Perhaps this can be attributed to their many unique advantages such as energy efficiency and the variety of colors available.

In order to appreciate their functionality, it would be important to understand the features of LED neon flex lights. Parts include:

Light-emitting diodes – it is the semiconductor that lights up when electric current is turned on. It typically consumes very little power as compared other bulbs

Neon – a noble gas that is used to give a color effect in bulbs

Flexible jacket- a covering that bends with ease

Manufacturers have teamed up with suppliers all over the world, to meet the growing demand. Here are 20 of the best manufacturers and suppliers of LED Neon flex lights in various countries.

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The United Kingdom

Atom LED Lighting

Atom led lighting logo
Source: atomlighting.co.uk

Since its establishment in June 2018, Atom LED Lighting has been committed to keeping up with the trends of the lighting industry. They are solely focused on the production of LED lighting solutions and operate out of Shropshire.

The company’s product range caters to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. They produce both mono and RGB neon flex lights that come fitted with LED chips to ensure uniform light output. You can buy them in different measurements depending on your preference and needs. In addition, the protective casing used on their LED neon flex products is flame-resistant, waterproof, and can tolerate being stepped on.

As a customer, Atom LED is keen on offering you fair pricing. Further, regardless of the size of your order, they are capable of fulfilling it to your specification. Their experience working with construction professionals enables them to advise you on ideal LED neon flex solutions.



Franceled logo
Source: franceled.com.ar

Located in Rivadavia in the province of Buenos Aires, Franceled was incorporated in Argentina in 2019. It is an importing and distributing company and has an impressive catalog of LED lighting products.

You will find options in their product list for both outdoor and indoor neon flex lights. They come covered in high-quality silicone for extra flexibility and resilience. You can use them on surfaces and to light up signs as well. Additionally, they offer accessories such as dimmers and remote control color changers. Speaking of colors, Franceled offers LED neon flex lights in:




Cold and warm white



The company majorly deals with retailers and wholesale distributors. Bulk purchases attract lower pricing. They can ship in merchandise for orders that they may not have in stock. If you choose to use their services for your project, their experience in large projects may benefit you.


Inava Instrument International Products

Inava Instruments International logo
Source: tradeindia.com

Inava has been in the LED lighting business since 2006. The company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a registered manufacturer but also has trading and importing departments that support its operations.

In terms of product scope, this firm supplies all kinds of LED lighting needs including underground lights, garden lights, indoor solutions and flexi neon lights among others. Their LED flexi neon lights are encapsulated in options of either transparent or opalescent, covering. The range of colors is vast and includes RGB, amber, and purple.

Inava’s client list ranges from residential, industrial entities, and business offices. Both large and individual orders can be accommodated and delivered upon request.

While they are based in Mumbai, they are logistically capable of supplying to many other cities. Moreover, they are available on online platforms such as Indiamart which makes it possible to conveniently order from your location.



Lighting Geek logo
Source: lighting-geek.com

The company was started in 2011 and has a presence in both America and Canada. It is a manufacturing company but also has outlets for distribution purposes. Lighting-Geek’s headquarters is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Their product range is heavily biased to LED lighting products but they also have other unique items like laser projectors. In regard to LED neon flex lights, they have special designs of either single or double-sided illumination. It depends on how much light you require. The color options seem somewhat limited with offering of cool or warm white and blue.

Lighting-Geek prides itself on offering manufacturer prices especially as they are in charge of their own distribution. Plus, they have a loyalty program for their customers. As a member of the Professional Discount Pricing Program, you would be able to order goods at wholesale pricing. The more you buy the better the deals you get.



Source: neonflex.com.au

Neonflex originally began as Flexineon in 1999 which solely manufactured Christmas lights. They have since grown and have Neonflex as a specialized line for LED neon flex lighting. The company is located in Canterbury, Bankstown.

Neonflex has SAA certification which is issued by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand. The certification is granted to manufacturers of products that have met the recommended standards of safety in Australia. It is reserved only for electrical products.

The Ultra-thin neon flex product line is unique to the firm. It is an innovative improvement on the usual none flex lights that use SMD chips placed in very thin but enduring housing. They also have the RGB neon flex range which changes color and comes with a DMX controller that allows you to set whichever effects you desire.

Neonflex supplies orders of all quantities and offers customization of orders.



LuxLed logo
Source: luxledmexico.com

You will find the Mexican head office of Luxled in Calzada de los Misterios. The firm has been operational since 2011 and manufacturers a diverse array of lighting products. Besides LED lighting, they also dabble in solar, projectors and magnetic rail systems.

The current line of  LED neon flex lights from LuxLed are covered in silicone as opposed to the previous PVC jacket. They attest to it being acid and corrosive resistant. You can control the amount of brightness they emit thanks to dimmers. Their neon flex lights also come in different widths depending on where you would like to have them installed.

In-house professionals will help you evaluate and choose the most ideal lighting products for your intended purpose. If you are worried about the hustle of installation, they have you covered on that front as well. As a LuxLed customer, you are entitled to after-sale services including maintenance.


Orbit Lightings

Orbit Lightings logo
Source: orbitlightings.com

In 2015, began manufacturing electrical and lighting products from their base in Chennai. It is a subsidiary of a larger international operation and is a well-known brand. The company is heavily invested in the LED market with a view to being a leader in green energy products in India.

Orbit Lightings offers impact-proof and weather-proof LED neon flex lights with the promise of long-term durability. They recommend them for interior sheltered spaces and exterior usage as well regardless of the weather. In addition, they come with interactive functions such as remote switches.

Their product catalog is organized to address the interest of every need you may have. You will have access to a variety of choices and at competitive prices especially for large purchases. They have a substantial business network that you could benefit from in terms of shipment logistics.The brand is associated with good quality products.



Polegada logo
Source: polegada.pt

Initially, this firm was set up as an online store back in 2012 but it has since established a physical store. It is located in Rio Tinto. The company is mainly focused on the supply end of LED lighting products.

If you are looking for LED neon flex lights in Argentina, they are capable of meeting your needs. You can choose between a host of colors including pink, amber, and red among a few others. There are also accessories such as installation panels and connection kits that correspond with the specific brands of lights.

It goes without saying that you would be able to shop remotely from their online store, which is a major plus. There is equally the advantage of being able to compare different options on their page based in price and other factors. Further, you would also enjoy free shipping for orders exceeding €100. Retailers and industry professionals such as architects and electricians also get special discounts.


Molveno OEM

Molveno OEM logo
Source: molvenoservice.it

The company headquarters of Molveno OEM is situated in Bologna, Italy. It has many years of experience as it has been in the industry since 1993. The firm also boasts of CSQ certification. It is awarded to companies in Italy that have been found to maintain high standards in their production processes.

A wide range of products is available for the different needs that customers may have. Their LED Neon flex lights come in outdoor and indoor varieties. The outdoor neon flex lights are designed such that they require no profiles. As a result, they can be installed just about anywhere including underwater. The indoor variety may require profiles but are equally flexible and resistant to damage.

As evidenced by their certification, you are assured that any purchases from Molveno OEM will be of high quality. They work with individual customers as well as retail outfits.


LED Neon Chile

LED Neon Chile logo
Source: lnc.cl/home

LED Neon Chile has over 30 experience in the lighting industry and was established in the early ’90s. The firm is located in Renta, Santiago. It is a manufacturing company but offers online purchases on their website.

The range of products you are likely to find on their list are all LED lighting solutions, accessories, and solar equipment. Both commercial and residential needs are catered for. Their LED neon flex offering comes in 100-meter reels which would be highly suitable for large installations. You can choose between various colors as well as warm and cool displays.

There are many benefits to choosing LED Neon as your supplier. Besides the fact that you can make your order from various locations in Chile, you could also request delivery services. Moreover, whereas some of their products such as the neon flex lights are packaged in bulk, they are still value for money.


Mundo De LED

Mundo de LED logo
Source: mundodeled.com.br

The firm was founded in 2006 and initially only focused on signage. However, it is now a manufacturer of a much wider variety of products. Mundo De LED is based in Lucia, Corriea. They have experience in lighting large events and buildings.

You will find many interesting products on their product list including innovations such as the LED candle or wristband. If you are looking to install LED neon flex lights in a huge space, you may want to consider buying one of their large reels. Alternatively, for smaller needs, you could still get a strip. They come in different colors and you will also find other relevant accessories such as extender cables to go with them.

In the event that you buy any products from this firm, you do not need to worry about future maintenance. They have replacement parts in store. You are also assured of good quality products that are thoroughly inspected.

South Africa

Future Light

Future Light logo
Source: futurelight.co.za

In response to intermittent power interruptions in South Africa, Future Light was established in 2006. It is a supplier of lighting solutions. The company focuses on LED solutions due to their low energy consumption and options such as rechargeable lamps. It is mainly an online store but has offices in Thor Circle, Thornton.

Other than the aforementioned, Future Light has a diverse provision of items on offer. They include home and commercial lights as well as solar packages, to name but a few. You could also order LED neon flex lights from them. They also carry various accessories that are necessary for installation and everyday use.

No matter which city you are, Future Light ships all across South Africa. They have a clear returns policy in place should you be dissatisfied with the product you receive. As a repeat customer, you would be eligible for their loyalty program. Traders and resellers also get preferential prices.


GlobeLed Philippines

GlobeLed logo
Source: globeledphilippines

The company was started in 2016 with a focus on providing sustainable energy products. It is for this reason that it is largely invested in LED. GlobeLed has an operational base in Mandaluyong City, Manila.

For your LED neon flex light needs, you can certainly find a solution from them. Their neon flex lights are housed in a PVC jacket and you can opt for one of their many color designs. The LED Neon Flex Slim design may be more suitable if you are hoping for a minimalist design. You can also find other outdoor, industrial, indoor and directional lighting products on their product list.

In terms of customer service, GlobeLed promises a pleasant experience and has multiple platforms for engagement. Upon purchase, you are guaranteed after-sale support such as installation which most customers find cumbersome. They are equally dedicated to durable high-quality productions at affordable prices.


Neon Art PTE Limited

Neon Art PTE Logo
Source: neonart.com.sg

Located in the capital at Tannery Lane, Neon Art PTE has been in the signage business since 1993. Although it is mainly focused on neon signs, it also provides neon lighting solutions. It has a subsidiary in Malaysia and also takes on contracts internationally.

The company has GB2 certification which qualifies it to install neon signs and lighting in buildings within Singapore. You can request a quote from them depending on where you would like to install LED neon flex lights. They install them for commercial businesses as part of decor for display areas and to highlight branding.

As a customer, you would have the advantage of working with a business that has years of experience in branding.

Given as they also work across countries in their region, you would not be limited if you have international branches. Their locations of operation include:






Secante logo
Source: secante.net

The Secante brand has been in the French market for over 27 years since its establishment in 1989. It is a household name in the lighting sector that boasts of an enviable list of clients. The company has a main office in Saint Pierre du Perrey.

They have a detailed catalog that could guide you as you choose your preferred LED neon flex lights. However, to give you a preview, you will find an array of colors and widths. They are insulated in covering that is weather, corrosive, and abrasion resistant. In the event that you do require a specification, they have customization services.

If you are looking for classy flawless lighting set up in France, Secante is unlikely to steer you wrong. They are not just experienced but they have managed to stay innovative through the years. You can also access their services through subsidiaries in Canada, Germany and Hong-Kong.


Jesco Lighting Group

Jesco Lighting Group logo
Source: jescolighting.com

The history of the Jesco Lighting group goes way back to 1998 when it first began. It is now much larger and has a 70,000 square foot factory in Port Washington. The company is a registered manufacturer of lighting products and has distribution centers in California and Barcelona.

It is not possible to exhaust the vast range of LED product offerings presented by this firm. Are you looking for neon flex lights for your event or business? They have those too under their exclusive INFINA 2.0 and FLEX2 brands. Both of them present innovation tailored to give great user experience at low energy consumption.

If you choose Jesco Lighting as your supplier, you would enjoy access to an immense variety of products. Furthermore, they are open to customizing products to fit your needs. You will also have sufficient customer support throughout the process of your purchase and thereafter.


Eastern LED Lighting

Eastern LED Lighting logo
Source: Linkedin

Since 2015, Eastern LED Lighting has been supplying lighting solutions in Egypt. The company is located in 6October, Cairo. They offer products from many suppliers across the globe. In addition to being a retailer, they offer consultation services to help make the right purchase.

LED lighting products are their main focus. Some of their products include bulbs, downlights, and lamps for internal and exterior applications. They have LED neon flex lights from various brands. If you can not find what you need in-store, they can source it from manufacturers.

The firm works with construction experts, businesses, and individual buyers. They offer a warranty with purchases which are reasonably priced thanks to their relationships with brands. You would also get discounts for large volume purchases.

Eastern Lighting has an active presence on social media platforms where they interact with customers. You can view their merchandise there and make your order too.

New Zealand

Display Lighting Limited

Display Lighting logo
Source: displaylighting.co.nz

Display Lighting was founded in the year 2000 and has grown into a formidable lighting expert. It is a privately owned manufacturing business and has its base in Orewa, Auckland.

Its scope of products is centered around LED lighting including wall washers, sign modules, and rope lights. They also produce neon flex lights under the brand name ‘IGNITE’. There are several Smart Neon Flex categories and types including:

Waterproof- recommended for the outdoors

Colorful Smart Neon Flex- comes in different colors and is ideal for events, signage or landscaping

Spotless- a seamless ray or LED neon illumination

Neon Flex Ignite Single Color- has ultra flexibility and uniform illumination

Neon Flex Ignite RGB- covers a large angle and has a smooth color changing effect

Taking the services of Display Lighting would avail you of their high-quality products that are competitively priced. Further, they offer additional services like project management, design for custom needs and installation services.

Toronto, Canada

SGi Lighting

SGi Lighting
Source: sgilighting.ca

For over 20 years SGi has been bringing light to many rooms across Toronto and North America. Currently, it manufactures its innovative solutions from Halton Hills, Toronto. The firm also offers services in consultation, design, 3D modeling of fixtures and specifications.

When it comes to LED neon flex lighting, they provide flat and round alternatives in terms of shape. The flat variety is good for convenience and floor installations to avoid tripping. For color, the RGB and RGBW ranges will allow you to switch between colors as desired. All flex lights are housed in silicone and have built with technology that ensures consistent and optimum brightness.

In reviews, customers express appreciation for the quality of SGi’s work and timely delivery. Their cutting-edge customer-specific designs are also quite popular. You would possibly enjoy these kinds of advantages if you chose to work with them. In addition, they supply widely and at fair prices.


Ginde Star LED

Ginde Star Logo

Ginde Star was established in the year 2013 and operates from a 1,500 square meter factory in Dongguan, China. It is a manufacturing company that has managed to make a name for itself in the industry in a relatively short time.

Their exemplary standards have earned them certifications including CE, RoHS, REACH, UL.

If you are a discerning buyer that prefers high standards of quality and efficient service, Ginde Star is your best bet. They specialize in LED neon flex lighting and have perfected their craft at it. They manufacture:

Mini neon lights – they are great for small applications and can be bought in wholesale

LED Neon Flex landscape- has an enhanced light-emitting technology and works well for signage or building facades

Silicone neon flex- it is extra resilient and good for recess installation or outdoor use. You can install them without aluminum panels

RGB neon- offers you color-changing technology

RGBW neon flex- the ultimate color-changing flex lights that come with temperature settings too

You are probably wondering, what could possibly be so different and special about this firm.

It begins at the order stage where you will get instant responses to any inquiries you make. After you specify your order, you can ask for a free sample. Expect your order to be done within 3 days.

What will be in your order? First, everything you asked for including branding if required. Plus, you get 1% of spare parts and a warranty. All this is offered at a very affordable price.


It will be interesting to see the innovations in the neon flex lights market in the near future. That said, you are currently spoiled for choice no matter where you are in the world.

Now that you have a detailed look at what options are available, you can choose an ideal supplier.

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