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LED Neon Flex Argentina: Top 5 Neon Light Brands You Should Know

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The use of different lighting solutions is quickly gaining momentum. One of the most embraced solutions being the use of led neon flex. This type of lighting solution comes with amazing advantages that both individuals and businesses are keen to implement. With this in mind, finding the right led neon flex suppliers is essential. It will ensure that you get to enjoy the best products in the market. There are different led neon flex suppliers worldwide. If you’re in the market for led neon flex in Argentina, here are a few brands you should consider.

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Led Y Componentes Lighting Innovation

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Found in Buenos Aires, Led Y Componentes was established in the year 2014. Their main focus is directed towards providing quality lighting solutions in LED and other electronic components. They are a leading supplier working with businesses in different industries to provide the best lighting solutions that meet customer’s expectations. This brand works with both retail and wholesale clients given its wide range of products.


They have a variety of options when it comes to their led neon flex products. They deal with the connectors, plug-ins, and neon lights among others. The best part about this company is that they offer additional services that come in handy. They can import Led supplies that are not readily available in the local market for their customers. Additionally, they also export their products worldwide to ensure that reach out to different clients and markets.

Led Neon Flex Argentina

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When it comes to led neon flex, this company is one of the most well-known manufacturers and suppliers in Argentina. Led neon flex Argentina Is a company that was founded with the sole purpose of creating quality LED products for their customers. They specialize in producing both lighting and decorative Led light options that are diverse and well developed. 


They work to ensure that their products contribute to making the lives of their customers better. In terms of energy consumption and durability, they pride themselves in providing Led lights that satisfy these aspects to the fullest. Their led neon flex lights come in different colors and the best part is that they have in-depth videos and guides on how to install them. Additionally, they also have a section on their website where they show you the different applications and uses you can get from these lights. This makes it easier for clients when purchasing.

France Led

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Located in Haedo, Argentina, France led is a company that has dedicated itself to producing led lighting solutions. When looking for neon flex Argentina, this is a great brand to consider. They employ the latest Led technology in their manufacturing process to ensure all their products are of the highest quality. The best part about them is that they export worldwide which allows them to cater to different markets. They have a wide of products cutting across the led space. In particular, their led neon flex lights are sold in kits to ensure that they offer all the necessary accessories to their clients.

Gindestar Led

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Founded in 2013, Gindestar led has grown to become a leading led lighting manufacturer and supplier worldwide. These led neon flex manufacturers pride themselves in producing quality long-lasting lighting solutions for different applications. This is attributed to the fact that they use the latest led technologies and expertise at their disposal.


Their processes allow them to provide quality in every situation. The best part about them is that they have a wide variety of products that you can choose from. Their led neon flex comes in a variety of colors and designs to make the applications fun and unique. This company is located in China but has set up quality logistic processes that allow them to export their products worldwide. They service Argentina, India, and the US among other countries. They are a great option for a comprehensive choice in led neon flex lights.

Laser & Led

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One of the best neon rope light suppliers is the Laser & Led company that has been in the business for over 20 years. They have ventured into the deep waters of led and have been producing quality solutions for over 10 years. This has seen them grow significantly to service clients from different industries. They have greatly evolved with over 2000 led products for customers to choose from. Their led neon flex lights come in different options from strip lights to rope light that can be applied both indoors and outdoor.


Led neon flex lights are a great investment for both businesses and homeowners. They provide a great advantage especially in reducing energy consumption and also increasing performance. Additionally, with this lighting option, you can be sure of long-lasting options that will make your lighting experience a breeze. There are different brands that you can choose from when in search of led neon flex in Argentina. Take your time to go through them and determine which one suits you best.

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