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How to Use Neon Flex: A Full Guide

You have seen them if you live in an urban center, and there’s also a high chance you have sued them before. Neon flex lights are some of the most loved types of lights, thanks to the wide array of lights and colors that they exhibit. They can be used in business establishments for signage and in the houses to spice the colors up a little. But are you using them in the right way? That’s the question we are going to explore today. A detailed look at how one can exploit neon flex lights in any setup they chose to go with. If you have been contemplating having them in your home or your business establishment, then stick around to the end and gain a few tips.

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What is Neon Flex?

Neon Strip

Neon flex is a type of light that is packaged inside a colored or transparent strip of light. These trips usually come in varying sizes and shapes, and they are perfect for creating exciting patterns around the house or the business establishment. Each neon flex strip usually contains several LEDs that are connected to a controller, which can be used to display all kinds of light patterns.

Neon flex lights have been around for years, and they owe their origins to the advertisement world, where they have been used heavily to display important information on products. Their bright and colorful lights are attractive and the easiest way to gain the attention of anyone walking near them. Over the years, they have evolved and become better to the point they are now used in virtually anything imaginable, including vehicles.

Uses of Neon Flex Lights

Neon flex lights can be used in so many applications that it would be hard to name all the amazing neon flex ideas here. It all comes down to how creative you are as a person. But there are some notable ways that they are used heavily around us, and they include the following.


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When it comes to ads, gaining attention is the end goal, and the best way to get that done is through dazzling lights like neon flex. Outdoor advertisement has been relying on neon flex light for years, and as time goes by, the technology is getting better and more accessible to people. The lights can be seen from miles around, especially at night. There are special neon flex lights that are designed for advertisements that are bigger and more bigger compared to those that are used indoors.


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Vehicles have discovered the art of decorations using neon flex lights. Owners of cars and motorcycles have been installing neon flex lights under and inside their vehicles for years now, setting up a very colorful atmosphere that enhances the riding experience. Some even go a step further and sync the lights to the music turning the entire vehicle into a mini-club. In other cases, these lights come in handy on the road at night as they increase visibility which in turn reduces accidents.

Indoor Lighting

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If you are looking for ambient lighting, then neon flex lights are what you go for. These lights can transform the atmosphere and the interior decor of the house instantly, depending on how you chose to utilize them. You can have them installed under the stairs to provide soft lighting, or you can have them installed into the ceiling or under furniture to provide that soft glow that adds to the aesthetic touch of the entire room. You can play around with colors the way you want based on your personal preferences. If you are pursuing the consistent color style of the home, you can also learn how to repair leather couch, like buying sofa covers of the same color to make the lights create a softer atmosphere.

Amusement Parks

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It is never really an amusement park until there are flashing lights coming in from all sides. Amusement parks are meant to be places of fun and enjoyment, and flashing lights are some of the ways that people use to enhance that experience. Neon lights used in such places are more powerful as they are meant for outdoor environments and must have the brightness that enables them to be seen from a long-distance away. These lights are set up to flash at various intervals to increase the sparkle that is associated with such events.

Architectural Lighting

Neon Building
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There’s more to lighting than providing visibility at night. Light can also be used to create an aesthetic feeling, especially where buildings are involved. Having an entire building washed in all colors of lights can be a breathtaking sight, and the only way to pull this off is to use neon flex lights. They can be installed in specific places that are hidden away, with only their soft glow hitting the building walls. These architectural neon lights are usually used during celebratory occasions like new year’s eve. An entire building is washed in a series of colorful lights that keep switching patterns every few seconds.

Advantages of using Neon Flex Lights

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There are reasons why people go for neon lights for some functions as opposed to other lighting forms. They are one of the most popular forms of lighting that are used in all manner of settings. The following are some of the advantages of using them.

Easy Installation: Most of these neon flex lights are plug-and-play types. You don’t have to stress yourself with any complicated setup. You simply stick them to a surface the way you want, and once all that’s ready, you simply plug them into a power source and switch them on, and that’s it.

Cheap: The materials used in malign neon flex lights and the manufacturing process itself are easy to find and do, respectively. This means that they can be produced in huge volumes quickly, which makes them cheaper to have. They are usually sold by length, and depending on your needs; you may need several of them. The bottom line is that they are very cheap when you consider their features and the things they can do.

Versatile: Neon flex lights are not limited to one function; you can use them for anything you want. Whether you want them installed in your car, in your swimming pool, the house, you are only limited by your own creativity.

Energy Savers: When compared with regular incidences and fluorescent bulbs, neon flex lights use less energy despite all the features they pack. The LEDs used in each neon flex strip are optimized for maximum light output while using less energy in the process. This is why they are used on large-scale installations.

Unlimited Options: The number of color patterns that one can use is unlimited. Some advanced neon flex setups come with remote controllers that can switch up more than 16 million color combinations. Having the sat at your disposal means there’s a chance you may never exhale all the color combinations available. You will never experience a boring day in your life with these lights around you.

Durable: Despite their low prices, neon flex lights have impressive longevity. They usually come with a lifespan ranging between 50,000-100,000 hours, depending on how sophisticated they are. This means that you could go years without needing any replacement, and this makes them good value for money.


Neon Flex lights are becoming better each year as the top manufacturers and suppliers embrace newer technologies. There are many other ways to make use of the lights in their homes, businesses, or vehicles. There’s no standard way of using them, and you are free to try out what your imagination can come up with. For more information on neon lights, check out our website at your earliest convenience.

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