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Neon Lights Aesthetics For Your Neon Flex Decorations

Multicolor neon light decor on a bridge

Lighting is a highly effective decor tool. On one hand, the led lights can be used to enhance the appearance of the decor in aesthetic rooms. Whereas, on the other, different colors of lighting can be decor statements of their own that set the mood and enhance the ambiance of a room.

LED Neon flex lighting provides a wide range of color options that can be used to spice up your decor scheme. However, your choice of lighting color would be essential as each color creates a unique effect. To help you make the right choice for your decor scheme, here are multicolor options you could consider for different settings.

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Purple Neon Lights Aesthetic

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The color purple is not just rich in tone but also in shades. It ranges from violet, on the darker end of the spectrum, to lilac and lavender which are much lighter. One thing, however, remains consistent; it is a calm and yet notable color.

It is thus no surprise that purple neon lights strike a perfect balance between cozy and cool. Unlike more vibrant colors, it does not put you on edge or stir excitement. Instead, a room with this kind of lighting would induce the kind of calm one desires after a long day.

You can achieve purple neon lighting using RGBWW neon flex lights. Better yet, with the right controller, you can choose a shade of purple that you prefer. If you would like a vibrant atmosphere, lighter shades would be ideal. Darker shades would be better for a more toned-down setting.

Decor tips:

Consider purple neon lighting for home areas such as your bedroom or living room. These are both areas you are likely to unwind in and thus the cozy feel would be something to look forward to.

Personal spaces aside, purple neon lighting is recommendable for concerts and clubs. It effectively delivers the ‘cool factor while also allowing for visibility.

Installation Tips:

For home spaces – the edge of a room’s ceiling and alcoves would be ideal for installing purple neon flex strips. It would have the classy effect of neon lighting.

In bars- areas such as bar counters and along the edges of display shelves are discreet enough for installation but would still make a statement. The ceiling and stairs are equally viable options.

Yellow Neon Lights Aesthetic

Yellow neon lighting in a restaurant
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As far as colors go, it hardly gets any more vibrant than the color yellow. According to medical experts, our brains, body glands, and nerves get positively stimulated when we see the color yellow. An even more interesting fact is that it, additionally,  stimulates human memory.

In light of this, it is perhaps safe to say that yellow is as good for your health as it can be for your decor. Yellow neon lighting, in particular, offers the same welcoming charm of incandescent lighting. Due to its warmth, it enhances the appearance of other decor items better than cooler colors. 

The shades of yellow neon lighting, in comparison to other colors, do not vary too much. Nevertheless, you can choose a shade that you feel would cast your decor in the best light. For example, if you would like more exuberance and better visibility in a room, aim for lighter shades of yellow instead of darker richer tones like mustard.

Decor tips:

Yellow neon lighting would be a great choice for any recreational space in your home. The living room, bedrooms, hallways, and dining areas would all look stunning in yellow neon flex lighting. It is also ideal for outdoor areas like a porch or gazebo.

Commercial and social spaces like restaurants and museums would equally benefit from this kind of lighting. It is far more inviting than white light and delivers adequate illumination.

Installation Tips:

Staircase lighting is a new cool trend you could experiment with in your home. Ceiling edges, under cabinets, and along your floor’s skirting would all be installation zones worth exploring too.

A recessed lighting approach would be ideal for restaurants to accomplish a cozy effect where the lighting does not glare at diners.

In museums and art galleries, yellow neon light strips can be installed either along the paneling of the display or the ceiling to light up the entire space.

Red Neon Lights Aesthetic

Red neon decor lighting in a bar
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From fire trucks to ambulances and traffic lights, our minds perceive the color red as a sign that we should exercise caution. This can, however, be said to be a situational response because red is also the universal color of love. What does this mean for your decor? In brief, when red is applied in the right shades and moderation, it can be a lovely addition to a room.

How you choose to apply red neon lighting would depend on your desired effect. If you would like to draw attention, illuminating an area fully in red would certainly do the trick. This is one of the reasons why red neon lights became and have remained so popular. Alternatively, if you would simply like a touch of vibrance, you could mix red neon flex lights with other colors of neon flex lights. This would make it less overpowering.

Decor tips:

In a home setting, if the color red does not put you on edge, try installing red neon flex lights in areas such as your home theatre.

A more unanimous application would be Halloween decor. Nothing says haunted house like pumpkins glowing red.

Concert stages could also benefit from the adrenalin-inducing effect of red neon flex lighting.

Installation Tips:

Neon flex lights are moisture-proof, therefore, you can place your red neon flex inside pumpkins for a spooky effect. A series of pumpkins can all be connected in a continuous circuit.

For concert stages, this type of lighting can be used as a transient lighting effect or in a custom neon flex sign.

Blue Neon Lights Aesthetic

Blue neon lighting in a home theatre
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Blue is intrinsically linked to coolness. It offers a vast range of shades reminiscent of the sky, the ocean, and even royalty. Subsequently, blue neon lighting is a versatile choice of decor lighting that would give you endless options. 

Lighter shades of blue neon lighting are bright and allow for clear vision. They are applicable as substitutes for white neon light which can be a bit too glaring. As such, consider going for light shades of blue neon lighting in rooms with predominantly dark decor. The contrast would breathe some life in the room.

Darker blue neon lighting can be applied in a wider array of areas. It is a go-to choice for rooms or outdoor areas where you are using light more for ambiance than illumination.

Decor tips:

Blue neon lighting would add the ultimate cool factor feel to your gaming room. It is toned down enough not to interfere with the view of your screen.

The mood in a home theatre or living room would be super cozy with some blue neon flex strips on the sidelines.

Ice-themed rooms and parties appear more real under light blue neon light.

Party settings like clubs, bars, and concerts are great candidates for bright blue neon lighting. Darker shades can also be used as a party effect.

Installation Tips:

For a home theatre or gaming room, try installing this neon flex lighting on your floor skirting or ceiling. It would light up the room without glaring at your screen.

In party settings, wall panels, ceilings, bar counters, and floor outlines are all fair game for installation. For an even more special effect, consider strobe lighting alternating through different shades of blue.

Aesthetic Pink Neon Light

LED neon flex sign

Pink can easily be said to be a friendlier and less intense version of red. While it is largely presumed to be a feminine color try not to let this limit you as you use pink neon lights. Their brightness could significantly elevate the atmosphere of your space.

On the downside, pink neon light may not give you too much wiggle room in terms of shades. However, what it lacks in range it makes up for in adaptability. Given as it is cheerful and laid back at the same time, you can install this color of lighting just about anywhere. 

Decor tips:

Pink neon light would be a lovely choice of bedroom decor lighting. It is subdued enough to allow your drift off to sleep.

Not to be stereotypical but makeup rooms and beauty parlors would do well with a touch of pink neon light. This would purely be for decorative purposes though as this color of light is not clear enough to perform tasks under.

Banquet lighting- pink is a popular color for wedding parties, baby showers, and product launches. Pink neon lighting would be a great way to enhance such a theme.

Installation Tips:

You could install pink neon lighting in areas such as:

Along the base of platform beds

Along the outlines of decorative mirrors

Service counters, around product display stands, overhead in tents or ballrooms for a banquet setting.

White Neon Light Aesthetic

white neon light coffee place decor
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White symbolizes clarity and neutrality. These are both qualities that white neon lighting embodies quite well too. As a result, it is recommendable if you are looking for a color of neon lighting that is decorative and delivers high functionality as well. Its neutrality also gives you unlimited freedom on how you can install white neon flex lights.

Unfortunately, on this too you would be restricted to one shade of color as opposed to a spectrum. You could, nevertheless, use this to your advantage. Whereas you would be worried that other colors could clash with your decor, this type of lighting works with all colors. This allows you to be more adventurous with your decor color choices.

Additionally, white neon flex lighting is perhaps the most adaptable for both residential and commercial spaces. This too can be attributed to its neutrality and the brilliant visibility that it offers. In this regard, the flexibility of neon flex strips also comes as an added advantage as they can be applied even in small hard-to-reach areas.

Decor tips:

Shop display windows require illumination, white neon light would be especially ideal for jewelry shops. It would illuminate gemstones without causing them to appear colored.

Work surfaces that require direct illumination would do well with this type of lighting.

If you prefer clear lighting in and around your home, white neon lighting is a good option to explore.

Installation Tips:

For large shop displays, white neon flex strips along the floor/base and ceiling would do. This would be enough to ensure all areas are illuminated for customers to see.

For workspaces, overhead installations like under cabinet lighting may be best. 

To illuminate larger rooms in your home or commercial buildings, the ceiling is your best bet. You could try to conceal the white neon flex strips in ceiling or wall alcoves if you prefer it to be more subtle. 

Black Neon Light Aesthetic

Black lighting emits purple haze and causes objects to glow
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Fewer colors appear as bold as black does. It is neutral and muted but can be adapted quite diversely. However, in an interesting twist, black neon light takes on a whole life of its own and bears none of these characteristics. 

To put this in perspective, black is the color of darkness. Black neon light is, therefore, a contradiction. It, nonetheless, exists. The catch is, your eye can not perceive it. This is because the human eye can only see colors that are below violet on the color spectrum. Black is above violet and thus black neon flex strips would produce invisible ultraviolet light

Does this mean you will see nothing when you turn on your black neon flex lights? No, it doesn’t. You will see a purple glow and every surface within the radius of the black neon light is likely to glow. You may notice that

The glow you see under black neon light is caused by light-emitting particles known as phosphors. They are naturally present in most body fluids, some cleaning agents, and chemical compounds used to manufacture different items. Needless to say, black neon lighting would be useful for special effects and occasions.

Decor tips:

Black neon lighting would make parties and concerts way more interesting than just colored lighting.

Hospitals, restaurants, and rooms in your home that you need to be thoroughly clean could do well with black neon lighting as it highlights stains.

Installation Tips:

In party settings, overhead, wall panel and floor installations would be ideal.

For hygiene applications, wall, and ceiling applications make work best. Aim for vantage points that illuminate all the surfaces you would like to inspect.

Rainbow Neon Light Aesthetic

Rainbow neon light decor
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Colored neon lighting is comparable to a buffet. Certainly, you can choose one or two colors that you prefer but who is to say that you can’t have them all? If you enjoy a splurge of color, a rainbow neon light aesthetic might just be a sweet spot for you.

One way to go about this would be to follow a typical rainbow display with the 7 colors of the rainbow. Alternatively, you could curate colors that you prefer in no particular order. While it is an unconventional lighting decor choice, once you have it up and running, it brings undeniable cheer.

Decor tips:

A rainbow neon light display could be a fascinating addition to children’s rooms and play areas.

The mood at parties and amusement parks can be set on high with some rainbow neon lighting.

Bowling alleys and gaming arcades are equally great candidates for this type of lighting.

Installation Tips:

Too much color can have the same effect as too much sugar; overstimulation of human senses. To avoid this, a feature wall or a ceiling installation would be adequate

Contrasting colors make for an interesting rainbow but a monotone palette rainbow is a great option too.

Lighting Effects To Liven Up Your Neon Light Aesthetic

Lighting effects requires a neon light controller
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RGB LED neon flex lighting can be set to display different lighting effects aside from color. They might be worth exploring if you would like to keep things interesting or upbeat. They include:

Dimming- some colors of neon lighting, such as white or red, can be plenty bright all on their own. Moderating the brightness to a comfortable level could give you a better ambiance.

Gradual fade- if you would like to transition between various colors from time to time, a gradual fade creates a smooth transition between them.

  • Strobe flash- on this setting the neon lights would be set to flash at certain intervals. With smart neon flex lights, for example, they can be set to flash in tandem with the beat of the music that is playing. This may be worth implementing in upbeat areas like a dancefloor or a party setting. 

Note: flashing lights can trigger people with photosensitive epilepsy, all persons present should be forewarned verbally or using signage if you are to use strobe flashing.

It is essential that you have the right controller for your neon flex lights as they are not universal. RGB, RGBW, and RGBWW neon flex lights would each have a controller of their own unique LED controllers. Further, for functions such as dimming, you may need a dimmable driver.


Truth be told, conventional lighting can get rather boring. Neon flex decoration could change how you experience your home and other spaces for the better. For best results, aim for quality neon flex lights from a top-notch LED neon flex manufacturer.

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