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What is LED Neon Flex? Definitive Guide

A colorful LED neon flex light strip

For years, lighting was simply about illumination. There was not much focus on energy-efficiency, lighting effects, or even aesthetically pleasing lighting. Fortunately, remarkable innovations like LED neon flex lights are turning things around for the better.

LED lighting is well-known for its energy-saving capabilities. However, LED neon flex remains a mystery for many. What is so different about it? How does it work? Where can it be applied? Read on for these and more answers to all things LED neon flex.

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Defining LED Neon Flex

LED neon flex lights are made with a flexible design

LED neon flex is a type of LED strip lighting made up of a series of Light-Emitting Diodes(LEDs) connected in a circuit and mounted on a strip. The word ‘flex’ refers to the fact that they are mounted on a flexible strip as opposed to a rigid one. Further, to protect the neon LEDs and the circuit board, LED neon flex lights are jacketed in a transparent PVC or silicone cover. These structural features make them highly versatile and easy to use.

Differences Between LED Neon Flex and Neon Lights

LED neon flex lighting and traditional neon flex lights differ based on their structures and how they work. The table below presents a comparison of their features:

LED Neon Flex Lights
Traditional Neon Lights

Consists of LEDs mounted on a strip and insulated by a transparent cover.

Comprises a glass tube filled with noble gases like neon.

Electrodes are placed at tube endings to deliver electric current.


Electric current flows through the circuit mounted on the strip and lights up the LEDs.

Electric current flows through the electrodes and activates noble gas molecules. This causes them to emit neon light.


Consistent adjustable lighting throughout the LED neon flex strip.

Non-adjustable lighting that can be spotty depending on the distribution of noble gas.

How Do They Work?

LED neon flex light controllers provide different lighting options
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LED neon flex lights are a plug and play lighting solution. They only need to be connected to a power source that corresponds with their voltage to light up. That said, depending on the type of LED neon flex lights you choose, you can also control lighting aspects such as:

Color – RGB and RGBW LED neon lights have colored light-emitting diodes that allow you to choose different colors of lighting

Brightness – using an appropriate controller, you can reduce the brightness of your LED neon flex lights to a level that is comfortable for you or set a different mood in a room.

Color temperatureCCT LED neon flex lights allow you to set your lighting to either warm or white light as needed.

The beauty of these provisions is that they give you control over your lighting which is not something that traditional forms of lighting offer. However, to enjoy these features, it is essential that you get the right LED neon flex lights for your needs and the right type of controller. For example, if you would like LED neon flex lights with a wide selection of colors, RGBW lights would be ideal. The right controller for that would be an LED neon flex RGBW controller.


LED neon flex is flexible and easy to install
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Installing LED neon flex lights is a simple and straightforward process. All you need is the right accessories and the instructions on the user manual to guide you through your DIY installation. To make it even easier, it is advisable to identify the area where you would like to install the lights before you buy them. Proceed to measure its length to find out how long your LED strip should be. 

The size and design of the area you would like to illuminate will also help you identify the accessories that you will need. For example, if there are corners in the space, you might need LED strip connectors. It will make your work easier if you have all the necessary items before you begin the installation.

On the upside, LED neon flex lights are highly resilient and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Good quality brands have high IP ratings and are resistant to corrosion. As such, you would not have to worry about your lights getting damaged. Further, installation options are near endless because LED neon flex lights can be cut to fit different installation needs. However, always ensure to cut them at the areas indicated by the manufacturer.


In many ways, LED neon flex lights represent the future of lighting. Not only are they eco-friendly but they deliver aesthetic value while offering users control options based on their preferences. To top it all off, they are affordable and durable as well. Simply put, with quality lights from a reputable LED neon flex manufacturer, your lighting experience will go from good to great.

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