Custom Neon Signs Near Me: Finding Suitable Neon Making Supplies

Custom Neon Signs Near Me: Finding Suitable Neon Making Supplies

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Neon signs, while popular, can be quite costly. Their high prices can be attributed to the high cost of inputs as well as the intricate labor of making them. Custom neon signs, in particular, are even more expensive because they are one-off pieces. 

Finding quality affordable supplies can go a long way in reducing the cost of custom neon signs. However, finding a supplier in itself can be an uphill task. Short of running a ‘neon signs company near me’ search, how do you begin the search for the right supplier? Look no further, below is a list of companies that offer neon sign-making supplies around the globe.

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Custom Neon Signs USA


Glantz logo

Glantz was founded way back in 1906 as a supplier of sign-making materials. At the time its main products included paints and oils but the firm has since grown and added other supplies to its products catalog. While it began as a solo enterprise, the company now employs over 300 workers and has multiple distribution centers across North America. It has also signed up a significant number of franchises.

The product offering from Glantz is quite generous as it incorporates a diverse range of sign-making equipment. For neon signs, your product options begin from design equipment and span to installation accessories. Design equipment here comprises tools you would use to draw the custom neon sign template as well as bent neon tubes for sketching the template.

On a more technical front, they offer electrical components like cables, GTO wires, and neon sign transformers. Other neon sign production equipment you can order from this supplier include:

If you would like to explore custom LED neon signage, Glantz also supplies LED neon light strips, power supplies, and substrate boards. These would be a good alternative if you would like to make a custom neon LED sign at home. Commercial sign-makers could also benefit from the wholesale prices by buying in bulk.

Reece Supply Company

Reece Supply Company logo

Reece Supply Company is an American firm that supplies an all-inclusive list of sign-making materials and equipment. It was founded in 1936 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Years in the trade have seen the business expand into 8 other outlets across North America. 

On neon sign-making supplies, Reece Supply offers materials for both custom neon and neon LED signs. The neon sign supplies include glass tubing, transformers, noble gases, housings, and GTO cables. Additionally, in keeping with its turnkey service approach, Reece stocks neon sign-making tools and machinery.

If you would prefer neon LED signs, you can choose from an array of LED strip light options as well as colored LED neon flex lights. For substrates to mount the LED neon strips on, this firm offers PVC, acrylic, and Polycarbonate boards among many others. In the product catalog, you will also find a variety of adhesives and accessories that you will likely need for sign-making.

Reece Supply sources products from major brands across the world. All these product options are consolidated in their stores and website for sale to wholesale and individual clients. The firm promises fast delivery and effective service.

Custom Neon Signs India

Swastic Agencies

Swastik Agencies logo

Swastik Agencies is located in Darya Ganj, Delhi, India. It was established in 1958 and operates as a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and exporter of neon sign-making supplies. They currently have about 17 primary members of staff but have a wider network as the scope of their operations is vast.

The range of neon sign components offered by this firm is quite broad. Some of its products include:

These components are sourced from different brands across the world which provides clients of Swastik Agencies with a wide variety of options to choose from. Further, in addition to neon sign-making supplies for traditional neon signs, this firm offers LED neon alternatives. They include LED strips and waterproof LED power supplies.

If you are or would like to venture into large-scale custom neon sign-making in India, Swastik Agencies also offers production equipment. From hand torches, vacuum pumps, to blowers and stop cocks, there are hardly any tool requirements they do not stock. Plus, if you cannot find the supplies you require on their product catalog, the importing side of their business enables them to source such items for you.

On services, Swastik Agencies promises prompt delivery of orders to clients. A qualified team of experts would be available to help you find the materials you need for your project and handle your order thereafter. Where necessary, the materials can be customized for you in-house at the time of purchase.

Custom Neon Signs UK


Sign-Tec logo

Sign-Tec was founded in 1983 and is based in Wadhurst, United Kingdom. It initially only supplied neon sign-making supplies from one German brand but the company has since diversified its product offering although its core focus remains neon signs. It mainly serves the United Kingdom market but expanded operations now allow it to serve the wider European market too.

If you are in search of neon glass tubing, electrodes, and transformers, Sign-Tec would be a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Besides these basics, it offers an extensive range of neon sign manufacturing resources. This ranges from neon gas plumbing equipment to adhesive and hand torches. Suffice to say, this truly is a full-scale supplier.

 Beginning 2002, Sign-Tec embraced the growing LED neon sign trend. On the company’s products list, you will find numerous LED sign-making components including eco-friendly LED lighting solutions. Other LED-relevant supplies like dimmers and controllers are also available.

To help you make the right purchases and benefit from their full range of options, Sign-Tec service agents are assigned to guide you through your purchase. Their company’s services further extend into neon sign installation and maintenance. Just in case you make your custom neon sign and need help assembling it for mounting, they could come to your aid. logo
Source: takes on a different but convenient approach to supplying neon sign-making materials. It is an online platform where you can compare a wide selection of neon sign components and choose exactly what you need. The company base is located in Walthamstow, North East London but deliveries are done across the United Kingdom and even exported abroad.

On electrical neon sign components, SignBuyer has curated a comprehensive list of materials required for every step of production. Their product offering comprises neon nickel tube wire, mounting accessories, transformers, adhesives, and much more. Maintenance tools like firemen emergency switches are equally available.

For a more energy-efficient custom LED neon sign, SignBuyer offers:

Given as this firm operates via an e-commerce platform, all your purchase processes will occur online. Bits of information are provided for each product but you can consult the company’s service agents to help you find the right supplies. Clients in London can also collect their merchandise in person.

Custom Neon Signs in Canada


Grimco logo

Grimco was founded in 1875 and has years of experience in the provision of neon sign supplies. It has multiple locations in the greater North American region but its Canadian head office is located in North York, Ontario. The company is registered as a wholesale supplier and an importer-exporter of sign-making materials.

For neon sign-making, Grimco supplies lean more towards LED and LED neon signs. They provide:

Each of these product categories comprises different brand options. Individual units are equally assorted and you can find options that would be ideal for making different types and sizes of LED signage. The RGB LED neon flex lights, in particular, are quite dynamic and recommended for DIY custom neon sign-making.

Ventex Sign Lighting Experts

Ventex Technology logo

Ventex Technology was established in 2014 in Dallas,  Texas. It currently has multiple outlets across the USA and has also ventured into Canada. The firm is both a signmaker and a supplier of neon sign-making equipment. 

In a unique twist, Ventex supplies its own branded merchandise compared to other suppliers that gather products from a host of brands. It does, however, outsource non-electrical components like adhesives. Ventex neon sign electrical components include:

Ventex promotes the use of energy-saving LED signage as opposed to traditional neon ones. To this end, they offer retrofit services to convert neon signs to LED neon signs. You could, alternatively, purchase Ventbrite LED sign lighting and make custom neon signs on your own. For this too the company equally offers power cables and other installation accessories.

Custom Neon Signs South Africa


Dexitrade logo

Dexitrade supplies sign-making equipment and began operating in 1992. The company’s headquarters in South Africa are located in Gauteng, Midrand but it also has satellite offices in Durban. These outlets are tasked with serving not just the local South African market but the broader Southern Africa region. It also has a presence in the Middle East, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Dexitrade brand is a dedicated supply agent of leading brands of neon sign-making supplies. Examples include GmbH, SpA, and EGL. These partnerships, among many others, enable the firm to maintain a diverse product range for its clients at competitive rates. Given as these are reputable brands in the industry, you are equally assured of quality merchandise when sourcing your supplies from Dexitrade.

The custom neon sign-making supplies from Dexitrade include innovative solutions like cold cathode tubes which burn brighter and longer. You can also find more conventional supplies such as:

Further, the DexiLED line of products focuses on LED neon sign supplies and installation accessories. Through this department, the company seeks to offer clients more options for their projects. More so now that LED strip lighting is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional neon.

A team of skilled staff would help you find the right products for your custom neon sign. If you have a hard time finding brands that you prefer, the team could also help you navigate making a special order for it. You may equally benefit from other Dexitrade services like assistance with designing your neon sign and after-sale support logo
Source: is an online shopping hub that offers a myriad of products. Under this pile of assorted goods, they also offer neon sign-making supplies under the ‘Neon-Electronic Tools’ category. A quick search will yield results of all the equipment you could need for either a neon or LED neon sign-making.

Shopping from presents a host of advantages that you may not get from individual suppliers. First, their products are obtained from hundreds of brands which gives you more choices of quality and sizes. It is also possible to compare brands and find supplies that match your budget.

This e-commerce honors orders from all over South Africa and offers doorstep delivery. On the downside, because this is not a dedicated electrical supplies store, you would have no guidance regarding which products would be ideal for your project. Explore informative sign-making tutorials to help you make the right choice of supplies.

Custom Neon Signs Singapore

Hup Cheng Electronics

Hup Chung Electronics

If you are looking to make custom neon signs in Singapore, Hup Chung Electronics Corporation Pte Ltd would be the place to shop. It is a neon sign-making materials supplier that has been in the business since 1970. The company premises are located along Kallang Pudding Rd, Singapore. 

Hup Chung Electronics offers neon sign supplies from renowned international brands like Hansen Neon, EGL, Euro Display, and Italy’s F.A.R.T. It is the sole distributor of these brands’ products not just in Singapore but also in Indonesia and Malaysia. This has seen them develop an extensive network of business partnerships that they also harness to find any unique products that you may need.

Some of the products offered by Hup Chung Electronics include:

Like most other suppliers in the business, this company also stocks LED neon flex lights, installation accessories, and LED converters for power supply.

Custom Neon Signs Japan


Luci logo

Luci is a lighting supplies manufacturer based in North Point Road, Hong Kong. It has been operational since 2004 and has subsidiaries in China and Singapore. Its product offering mainly revolves around LED lighting solutions which would be ideal if you are looking to make a custom neon sign at home.

The LED lighting options from Luci vary from indoor rigid LED panels and LED strip lights to outdoor rigid and flexible LED strip lights. This distinction is important as it informs your purchase depending on whether you wish to make indoor or outdoor signs. In either case, you would nevertheless be limited to the LED flex strips if you hope to mount your sign on a board. Rigid panels would only be viable if you intend to position them to form letters.

While accessories such as power adapters and controllers are available, you may have to source for other sign-making equipment separately. Luci may also not be an ideal supplier for you if you were looking to venture into classic neon signs.



Daikan is an experienced sign manufacturing company that has been in the trade since 1964. It offers a variety of designs such as etched signs, monuments, digital etching, and nameplates. The firm is mainly based in Taisho-Ku, Osaka, and has a sales office in Naniwa-Ku.

For custom neon signs, you could choose to contract Daikan to make the sign for you or assemble one on your own, using their supplies. The latter can be easily achieved using their patented LED sign components known as Lumi letters. These are letters carved out of substrate material and lined with LED strip lighting. 

Lumi letters could be convenient if you would like to assemble your sign quickly without having to bend LED neon flex lights on a substrate. They may, however, limit you to certain fonts. Custom shapes like say a pineapple may equally be impossible to achieve with Lumi letters. That said, they are aesthetically appealing and very legible.

Daikan offers all the extra supplies you will need to mount your sign. The company prides itself on diligent customer care even after your purchase. You can also access their sign-making products and services from outside Japan.

Custom Neon Signs China

Ginde Star

Gindestar led logo

Ginde Star is a supplier of premium quality LED neon light solutions. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Dongguan, China. However, since its establishment in 2013, the company has developed extensive international business networks. Through them, Ginde Star supplies neon sign-making components to clients around the world.

The high quality of products offered by Ginde Star yields bright dynamic neon signs. The RGB and RGBW neon flex lights, for example, would be a good pick if you would like a colored sign. They can be easily bent into different shapes or letters and mounted on a substrate to make a sign. They are jacketed in food-grade silicone and thus would not get damaged by adhesives or weather elements if you use them for outdoor signage.

A team of staff is always on hand to help you get just the right supplies for your needs. Additionally, to make your sign-making process easier, Ginde Star offers in-house customization services. Once your order of LED neon flex lights is ready, it will be dispatched to you immediately. You will be billed at a friendly wholesale rate for every bulk purchase.

Custom Neon Signs Philippines


Globeled logo

GlobeLED is a LED lighting supplier based in Mandaluyong City Metro, Manila. This company manufactures its own LED lighting products and delivers its products to clients all over the Philippines. It prides itself on competitive pricing and reliable LED products.

The products made by GlobeLED would be suitable if you will be making LED neon signs. They include LED strip lights and LED neon flex lights designed for outdoor use. These would be ideal for sign-making due to their flexibility. Other products such as the explosion-proof LED lights and solar street light modules may be worth considering if you can have them customized to be applicable in your signage.

EcoShift Corp

The Ecoshift company logo

EcoShift Corp is a manufacturer of wholesale architectural, commercial, and industrial LED lighting solutions. It commenced operations in 2011 and is based in Greenhills, Mandaluyong. While it has a physical location, EcoShift has cultivated a robust online presence that you can use to access its products and services. For retail purchases in smaller quantities, the firm recommends that customers make their purchases through Lazada or Shopee.

For custom neon sign-making, EcoShift has an exhaustive list of products that you could choose from for your projects. On their product catalog, you will find LED neon lights in bulk, connection, and mounting accessories. Every product comes with a warranty and is delivered at no extra cost within the Philippines. 

The option to shop online is infinitely convenient but it can also be confusing. Fortunately, lighting is EcoShift’s core business. It is thus possible to liaise with a customer care representative for guidance if you are unsure of what supplies to buy.

Custom Neon Malaysia

Silver Bridge Industrial Supplies

Silver Bridge logo

Silver Bridge Industrial Supplies is a manufacturer of LED lighting solutions and is situated in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. It was established in 2015 and supplies its products throughout Malaysia. Its lighting products are designed for home, commercial and decorative use.

The LED strip lights, LED drivers, and LED Neon flex lights are among the sign-making products you could explore from Silver Bridge. The sizes are not usually offered in bulk but this could be convenient for small sign projects like household decor or indoor signage. The LED drivers are sourced from the reputable Meanwell brand and the controllers would enable you to change the color of your sign to suit the occasion or mood of the room.


Sierra-Plus logo

Sierra-Plus has been providing electrical appliances and components throughout Malaysia since 1994. It is located in Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia but you can also access their services and products online from any location. For online purchases, the firm relies on a well-established delivery network to ensure all orders arrive fast and on time.

The Sierra-Plus product variety comprises sign-making supplies for neon LED signage such as:

In essence, substrates and adhesives are all you would have to source from alternative dealers. This slight inconvenience is, however, forgivable considering the seamless service, timely delivery, and after-sale service that Sierra-Plus offers. It is equally possible to seek a free quotation for your supplies to facilitate prior planning.

Your Custom Neon Sign-making Shopping List

It is essential that you decide which type of neon sign-making you intend to take up before you begin shopping for supplies. While the term ‘neon signs’ are used interchangeably, there is a difference between neon signs and neon LED signs. Neon signs are made of glass tubes filled with noble gas whose molecules are charged by an electric current to emit light. LED neon signs, on the other hand, are made by mounting LED neon flex lights onto a substrate board.

Due to their complexity, neon signs require an industrial setup and expertise to make. As such, if you would like a less complex sign-making venture, custom LED neon sign-making may be a better choice. They are also far more affordable.


The quality of your custom neon sign will depend on your skill level and the quality of the materials you use. With this in mind, aim for a quality LED neon flex manufacturer or neon sign supplies company. Now that you have a detailed list of options, your ‘neon signs company near me‘ search should be less daunting, wouldn’t you say?

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