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Custom LED Neon Signs: Things to Consider

Custom LED neon sign

When it comes to animated signage, it does not get any better than custom LED neon signs. They are unique designs tailored entirely to your preference. Every detail from the messaging, size, the LED neon light colors, and signboard type is discretionary.

That said, unless you are adept in the field, all the customization options can be confusing. Plus, with so many LED Neon sign manufacturers in the market, how do you narrow down your list to just one?

To help you design the custom LED neon sign of your dreams, here is everything you need to know about the customization process.

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Why Use Custom LED Neon Signs?

Given the rising popularity of LED neon signs, there are many ready-made neon signs available in the market. So, why would you opt for a custom alternative?

Special Features


You would be hard-pressed to find a generic LED neon sign that is waterproof or compatible with unique installation styles. As such, LED neon customization services come in handy as they enable you to get signage features that match your specific needs.

Personal Expression

An LED neon sign in front of a green backdrop

It is becoming a hit trend to use LED neon signs at weddings, birthdays, and even for home decor. LED neon light applications are very personal thus not every sign will do. Fortunately, customization offers a way to give a personal touch to your sign that matches your event or complements your home decor.

Price Control

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When you buy a ready-made sign, the price is fixed. In contrast, when customizing your LED neon sign, your choices determine how much the sign will cost. This gives you some control over pricing as you can choose customization options that are within your budget.

Factors to Consider When Customizing Your LED Neon Sign

As you explore different customization options is best to have a rough idea of what kind of LED neon sign you would like. It will help you identify which LED neon sign-makers you can work with and also make choosing your customization options much easier.

You may also need to consider other important factors such as:

Backboard Options

An acrylic sheet wrapped in brown paper

LED neon signs are made of LED neon lights affixed to a solid material. It is this solid material that is referred to as a backboard. Most LED neon sign-makers offer either PVC or acrylic backboards.

Whereas both materials are durable and allow light from the LED neon lights to fully refract through them, they differ slightly. An acrylic backboard may offer more clarity in the long-term and is the best choice for outdoor signage. On the other hand, PVC backboards are a more affordable option.


A man and a woman installing a LED neon sign

As you customize your LED neon sign, consider how you would like to install it. A wall installation, for instance, may require different installation provisions than a sign that will be suspended using cables. Be sure to discuss this with your sign-maker so that they can make the necessary provisions on the backboard.

Energy Consumption

LED neon lights are known for their low energy consumption. However, keep in mind that the larger your sign, the more energy it will consume. It is also essential to consider if your power source is compatible with the LED neon lights. If not, you may need an adapter to regulate your power output to match the power needs of the sign.

Quality of LED Neon Lights

LED neon signs are all made based on the same concept but some brands offer better quality lighting than others. Poor quality LED neon lights will result in an equally poorly-lit sign. Over time your sign will likely also deteriorate and have dark spots or become imperceptible. With this in mind, aim for a sign-maker that works with a top-rated LED neon lights manufacturer.


A person writes a budget next to a wad of bills and a calculator
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Your budget will determine the size and features of your custom LED neon sign. Larger signs with more custom details will require a higher budget. Nevertheless, while you can limit your special features or sign size, it is best not to compromise on quality. A quality sign may seem expensive but it will serve you much longer and possibly offer you better aesthetic value.

Custom Neon Sign Options

The most important part of the customization process is choosing the design properties of your sign. Some of the main options offered by most sign-makers include: 


A person measuring a board
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The dimensions of a custom LED neon sign depend on the length of the message and the size of the letters. Letters can be sized from 3 inches to much larger sizes. It is really a matter of preference and how much visibility you would like to achieve.


A paper color palette
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Your color options will depend on the LED neon lights used. RGB LED neon flex lights, for example, offer fewer color options than RGBW LED neon flex lights. Alternatively, you could choose a monotone sign that does not change color.

For the multi-color option, you will need a remote control to change the colors when you need to. Some sign-makers charge extra for the controller while others offer a package deal. Either way, you will pay a little more for the color-changing feature.


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From Cursive to Scifi and bold outline, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to font options. The challenge, however, is often in the execution. Some designers may have a hard time pulling off the design if it is too complex. One way you could get around this hurdle is to work with a sign company that carves the design of the letters into the backboard. Carving creates a more defined space to insert the LED neon lights than simply bending them on the surface using an outline.

Plug Compatibility

Multi-compatibility adapter
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Power outlets vary in different regions. It is advisable to ask your sign-maker what types of electric plugs they offer. If they do not have any options that are compatible with your outlets, you may need to find a different company.

How to Order Custom Neon Signs

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An online search may be your best bet if you are hoping to explore a wide variety of options. Aside from the customization options and prices offered by each firm, consider other qualities such as:

It would be prudent to ask for samples of previous work if they are not already displayed on the companies’ websites. This will give you a sense of their work and help you decide if they would live up to your standards.

Designing Your Own Sign

If the idea of buying a custom neon sign does not appeal to you, you could always make your own. It is an easy process that could turn out to be a fun DIY project.

The List of Requirements

Assorted tools
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You will need the following essential supplies and tools.

The Procedure

A person making a custom LED neon sign
The first step towards making your custom LED neon sign is designing the sign. If you have a steady drawing hand, you can choose to draw it by hand. Alternatively, you could use an illustrator app on a computer then print out the design to your desired scale.

The next step would be to prepare the backboard. You could get it cut for you at a workshop to make your work easier. If you would like to use a carved out design for more accuracy, you could carry your design sketch along. The workshop could use it as a stencil to carve out the backboard.

Once the backboard is ready, you would be all set to begin. Here are some steps to guide you:

Buying LED Custom Neon Lights Wholesale

Different colors of LED neon flex lights

The secret to making as many custom signs as you like is buying custom neon lights wholesale. Wholesale purchasing is much cheaper than buying in small bits. Plus you will have enough lights for any design you choose. The advantages do not end there, custom neon lights are designed to your preference too. From the length to color and control options, you get a say in everything.

All you have to do is find a reputable custom LED neon lights brand. Look out for qualities like:


When you have a grasp of the details involved, customizing your LED neon sign is easy. It may seem like a tedious process at first glance but the longevity you will enjoy from them is unmatched. Now that you know all your customization options, will you be ordering a sign or buying LED neon lights in wholesale to make your own?

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