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Neon Sign Repair: Replace Signs with Led Neon Lights

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Neon signs are rapidly gaining popularity among different circles of people. This is mainly thanks to the versatility and ambiance they offer. They come in different playful colors and can easily be customized to your specific requirements.

The best part is that they are applicable in different industries making their use very versatile. Whether you want a sign for your wedding or one for your workplace, you’ll find one that fits you.

You’ll, however, have to find the right company who will help you create the best sign for your needs. Given all the advantages of having such a sign, you need to ensure that you get one that assures you of quality.

Quality in neon signs requires the use of flexible led neon lights. These lights can be bent to achieve whatever shape, name, or number you want. To get a better understanding of the differences and how to switch out your sign, keep on reading.

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Differences Between Neon Signs and Led Neon Signs

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Led neon signs are more superior to neon signs mainly because of their performance and general look. Led neon signs use Light Emitting Diodes ( LED’s) that are spaced far enough to ensure that the light sources overlap each other.

This particular function is what gives led neon signs a constant glow as compared to the flickering light from the neon signs.

Also, led neon signs come wrapped in a protective polymer jacket which reduces the risk for damage to the lights. However, on the other hand, the neon glass tubing found in neon signs is more exposed and prone to damage.

Why Neon Signs Malfunction


Neon signs do not have the latest technology in use which makes them lag in terms of performance and longevity. These signs may be prone to a malfunction mainly because of two major things:

Power Supply

If you are having problems with your neon sign, then the first thing to look into is your power supply. Neon signs use a higher voltage compared to led signs making energy consumption so high. You need to ensure that your sign is getting the right voltage to avoid any flickering or turning off of the lights.

Structural Problems

Your neon sign could malfunction because of a structural problem that could either be internal or external. Given that these signs feature glass tubes, they are at risk of breaking. If this happens, the gas in the tubes becomes depleted and the sign can no longer light up.

Advantages of Switching to Led Neon Light for Your Sign

Led neon lights come with a lot of advantages for the user. This is why you should consider replacing your neon glass tubing with flexible led neon light. Some of the advantages attached include:

Lower Energy Consumption

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In business saving money where you can is very essential. Led neon lights help you do this by significantly reducing your energy consumption which in turn results in less money paid out for bills. Typically one-foot sized neon glass tubing would utilize almost 20 watts per hour while the same size in led neon would only work with 1.2 watts per hour. This is a significant decrease in power consumption without compromising on quality or performance.


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Led neon lights offer more versatility in terms of how they are programmed. Seeing as they are individual lights, they can be changed from time to tie. You have the option of changing their colors, fading, or even making them flash. This is different from the neon lights since they are fixed. This means that your sign will stay in the same state till you get to buy another that is a bit different. 

Low Maintenance

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Cleaning led neon signs is much easier compared to when dealing with neon signs. This is mainly because led neon signs do not heat up when on. You get to clean your sign using a damp cloth whether it is on or off. However, when it comes to neon signs, you’ll have to turn them off and wait for a while till they are cool enough for you to clean them. 


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When it comes to the lifespan of led neon signs, you are assured of 100,000 or more hours. However, this happens when the sign is kept in good condition and always brightly lit as required. On the other hand, neon signs will only give you 30,000 hours of life and during that time the light may fade. It is also important to note that led neon signs are well protected from harsh weather and are made to be waterproof. This ensures that they last longer compared to their counterparts. And that’s why led neon signs are often used to decoration with some cool design ideas such as ninja turtle room, the long-lasting light will make the room always awesome.


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Given that Led lights are more durable, in case of any damage to the sign, you won’t have to worry about dealing with broken glass. Besides, seeing as led neon signs don’t heat up, this makes them safer to touch and helps avoid any accidents. However, neon signs are prone to heating up when used for a long time which makes them a real hazard. They could lead to a serious injury if touched while still hot. So it is a great option to decorate your living room and microfiber leather couches without safety concerns.


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Led neon signs consume very low energy which makes them eco-friendly. They also have light bulbs that can easily be recycled reducing waste. When it comes to neon signs, you’ll find gases, glass tubes, and other toxic materials like mercury that can be harmful to the environment. Disposal of these signs needs to be done correctly to avoid this. 

Faster Installation Speeds

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Given that led neon signs are lighter in weight, installation time and effort is cut in half. This also helps you save on the added cost that could occur. For instance, the neon signs tend to be bulkier and heavier which causes them to take longer to install and cost a lot more money.

How to Install Led Neon Lights

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To replace your neon sign with led neon light you’ll need to understand the basics when it comes to installation. The steps involved include:

Measuring Your LED Light

First, you’ll need to measure out your led light and ensure you get the right size. Your size will determine the power voltage that will be used to light the new sign. Getting it right will ensure that there are no malfunctions and that the sign works as it should.

Cutting Your Led Light

As you cut your rope light to size, you’ll need to pay attention to the cut lines. These lines are marked on the PVC and are spaced 18 inches apart. Staying within the cut lines will help you avoid going through the installation only to find that your light won’t work.

Making Use of the Tools Provided

Your led neon lights also come with 8 shrink tubes each at 4 inches, 4 end caps, 4 power pins, and a power cord. These tools come in handy when you plan to be a bit more creative with your sign.

For instance, when combining two lights to be incorporated in your neon sign, this is how these tools can be applied.

You should also remember that the connections should be made for places where you’ll not need much bending

What to Avoid During Installation

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Learning more about what to avoid will help you ensure that you do things right. A few things that you should always be mindful of include:

Bending of the rope light

No doubt led neon lights are flexible and are the best option for the intricate designs you’re looking for. However, as you work on your installation, you should try to avoid bending the light up or down.

Your light should not curve in an arch or a dip at any point in time. This is because this movement could damage the LED’s and result in a malfunctioned rope light.

Maintain Some Distance

If you’re working with signs that will be parallel to each other, you’ll need to ensure they are at a good distance.

Avoid installing them too close but rather observe a distance of half an inch or more. If installed close together, the led rope lights could overheat and in return shorten their lifespan.

Avoid Installing it Under Water

One of the best things about having led neon signs is that they are waterproof and cannot be damaged by rain. However, this feature does not also apply to submersion in water. If you need to use the light under your swimming pool, you’ll need to find an alternative light source.

Don’t Light it While on the Spool

These led neon lights come wound up tightly around a spool to make them more compatible and easy to move around with. Lighting the rope light while it’s still tightly wound will result in a malfunction. This is mainly because the heat will have nowhere to go.

Choose a Location with Little or no Movement

When installing your led neon lights, you’ll need to choose a location where the sign won’t keep moving. Avoid using doors, windows, or gates where there’ll be a lot of movement. This will help with the durability of the sign and ensure that its performance is not compromised.


Switching from old tech to the new way of doing things is essential. It will open you up to different possibilities and creative avenues you hadn’t thought of yet. Embracing led neon lights for your signs will present numerous advantages.

This is why you need to make a switch now. Follow the instructions given and work on creating something that you’ll be proud of. Which sign do you think you’ll work on?

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