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CCT LED Strips

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LED CCT Strips, also known as tunable white LED strips or adjustable LED light strips, are lighting solutions that allow you to imitate daylight patterns.

You can adjust the brightness and temperature levels depending on the current time to optimize visual comfort.

Ginde Star offers innovative adjustable LED strip lights that conform with international safety standards. With more than 6 years of experience as an LED lighting manufacturer, we can provide you with eco-friendly and customizable lighting solutions that can exceed your expectations. Contact us now for your specific needs!

Product Specifications of CCT LED Strips

Model Name
#1 CCT Led Strip
ColorSingle color
Cutting Units21leds/55.5mm @24V
PCB Wide (Min.)10mm
LED LightSMD2835
LED Qty192LEDs/m
Power Consumption19,2W/m
Beam Angle160°
Bending Direction
Light Attenuation DegreeWorking 1000 hours < 3% Working 3000 hours < 5%
Thermal Resistance (Tr)< 0.08~0.1℃/W
Thermal ManagementCool Touch Free Air Convection
Strip Length
Max. 10m/roll
Input Voltage
12V DC/24V
Color Temperature
2700K+4000K; 2700K+6500K,4000+6500K,White+red/green/blue
PCB Wide

We offer adjustable color temperature LEDs with the following features:

  • LED Type: SMD 2835
  • No. of LEDs: 192 LEDs/m
  • PCD Width: 10 mm
  • Operating Voltage: DC 24V
  • Power Consumption: 19.2 W/m
  • Cutting Units: 12 LEDs/6.25m

Do you have other special requirements? Feel free to contact us so we can create your ideal LED strip lights. Our designers and engineers will help you find the right strip lights for your application.

Why Choose Wholesale Dynamic LED Strips From Ginde Star

Ginde Star can give you waterproof and high-power SMD LED flexible strips and LED strip tunable white lights that can meet your needs.

Applications of Tunable White LED Strips

Our LED strip dual white lights are suitable for any application requiring different shades of white lights either for health benefits or to control the ambiance.


Increase the workflow of your employees during the early hours using brighter white lights and improve their concentration using softer lights in the evenings.


Use 3,000-K CCT light in your bedroom to maintain your circadian rhythm and promote better sleep because the light can boost the melatonin levels in your body.

Healthcare Facilities

Tunable white lights in bright blue colors help increase the patients’ cognitive function and appetite. Warmer lights can also help in the healing of patients.


You can keep students alert by creating brighter cool white lights as well as increase their productivity using warmer colors.

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What is CCT in Lighting

CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature and is measured in Kelvin (K). It tells you what tone and hue of white light to expect from a CCT light source. CCT lighting options allow you to choose light colors between 2,700K and 6,500K color temperatures. The LED strip’s brightness and color will depend on your chosen color temperature.

Lights between 2,000 K and 3,500 K look more yellow/orange and are called warm white or ultra warm colors. The color becomes more neutral white as the temperature increases to 3,500 K up to 5,100 K. Color temperatures between 5,100 K and 20,000 K will appear bluish-white.

Whatever your CCT lighting color requirements are, Ginde Star can help you create the right color temperature you want.

Benefits of Tunable White LED Lighting

Below are the benefits that Ginde Star’s adjustable white LED lighting options provide:

Suitable for Various Applications

Energy-efficient CCT lighting options can be used in a wide variety of applications such as in hospitals, hotels, museums, retail stores, commercial offices, classrooms, residential areas, and more.

Flexible Control Options

We offer various control options for our CCT lights. We can customize them so that you can control them through a remote controller or a wireless app on your mobile device.


Our CCT lights can help you create an engaging atmosphere so that you can attract more customers. They can enhance the look of any architecture with their variable color temperatures.

Human-Centric Lighting

Since our CCT LED lights are adjustable, you can customize your lighting to satisfy the different health needs of people and generate specific emotions.

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