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Ginde Star has been manufacturing and supplying innovative LED lighting options, including RGBW LED light strips, worldwide for more than 6 years.

We aim to create environmentally-friendly lighting solutions that we can customize to cater to your specific needs. All of our products comply with various international standards so we can guarantee that you will only receive high-quality products.

If you want to ensure the success of your lighting projects, choose Ginde Star as your RGBW LED strip lights manufacturer and supplier. Contact us for your specific needs!

Product Specifications of RGBW LED Strip

Model Name#1 led strip rgbw#2 led strip rgbw#3 led strip rgbw
Cutting Units
3LEDs/ 5cm; 6LEDs/10cm6LEDs/7.14cm6LEDs/6.25cm
PCB Wide(Min.)10mm/12mm12mm12mm
LED Light
4-in-1 Chip4-in-1 Chip4-in-1 Chip
LED Qty60LEDs/m84LEDs/m96LEDs/m
Power Consumption
Beam Angle160°160°160°
Bending DirectionVertical/HorizontalVertical/HorizontalVertical/Horizontal
Light Attenuation Degree

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Thermal Resistance (Tr)< 0.08~0.1℃/W< 0.08~0.1℃/W< 0.08~0.1℃/W
Thermal Management

Cool Touch

Free Air Convection

Cool Touch

Free Air Convection

Cool Touch

Free Air Convection

Strip Length
Max. 10m/roll
Input Voltage
12V DC/24V
Color Temperature
RGB+3000K, RGB+4000K, RGB+6500K
PCB Wide

We offer a wide range of LED light strips RGBW to suit every customer’s needs:

  • LED Type: 4-in-1 Chip
  • No. of LEDs: 60 LEDs/m, 84 LEDs/m, 96 LEDs/m
  • PCB Width: 10mm, 12mm
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V, DC 24V
  • Power Consumption: 14.4 W/m
  • Cutting Units: 3 LEDs/5 cm, 6 LEDs/10 cm, 6 LEDs/7.14 cm, 6 LEDs/6.25 cm


Feel free to contact us if you have other specific requirements aside from the features we mentioned above. We can customize your LED strip lights to match your needs.

High-Quality RGBW LED Strip Manufactured From Ginde Star

We can provide you with flexible, high-power, and waterproof RGBW strip lights that can exceed your expectations:

Applications of RGBW LED Strips

The versatility of our RGBW strip lights allow you to use them in a wide array of applications:

Vehicle Lighting

Add some custom lighting to your vehicle and stand out on the street and in automotive shows. RGBW LED lights make adding various colors to your vehicle easier.

Marine Lighting

Upgrade your boat and make it look fun by adding RGBW LED lighting. You can use them as accent lights and install them in your engine room, compartments, and others.

Architectural Lighting

Bring color and life to any architecture in a cost-effective way using our energy-efficient lighting options. They emit less heat and thus, are safer compared to other lighting options.

Interior Lighting

RGBW strips are perfect for transforming any space into a more exciting one. They can improve the ambiance inside your homes. They are also ideal for bars, restaurants, clubs, and others.

Outdoor Lighting

Design your garden with flashing colors using our RGBW lights. You can use them on bushes, trees, on your pool, gazebo, and others.

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What is RGBW

RGBW stands for Red, Green, Blue, and White. RGBW strip lights have additional white LEDs instead of just RGB LEDs. With a separate white LED, the unusual white color hues associated with RGB strip lights are eliminated. RGBW strip lights need RGBW accessories to allow the user to control the strip’s color, brightness, mode, and others.

Ginde Star’s RGBW LED strips are perfect for applications that require both color-changing lights and white lights in a single strip. Without our RGBW strips, you can only achieve this lighting effect using 2 separate strips. These strips can control color-changing and white LEDs at the same time.

Difference Between RGB LED Strip and RGBW LED Strip

Below is a table showing the difference between our RGB LED strips and our RGBW LED strips:


RGB LED Strips



3-in-1 chips (Red, Green, and Blue chips)

4-in-1 chips (Red, Green, Blue, and White chips)


Can produce multiple colors, including white when the 3 chips are combined. But, it cannot produce a pure white color even at its maximum brightness.

More versatile compared to RGB LED strips. They can produce more interesting color mixes as well as natural, warm, and cool pure white colors.


RGB lighting controllers have 4 outputs (1 for each color and 1 for power).

They have 1 additional output for the white LED


They are more cost-effective options compared to RGBW LED strips if you only need basic RGB colors that do not require proper white lights.

More expensive but they offer more flexibility. You can use them in a wide variety of applications that need pure white colors.

How to Wire RGBW LED Strip

Here are the basic things you will need to wire Ginde Star’s RGBW LED strips and how to do it:


RGBW LED Strip Connectors

Interconnect jumpers and cables, pigtail connectors, angle connectors, splitter cables, and CPS connectors allow you to join multiple strips and connect them to controllers and power supplies.

RGBW LED Strip Controller

Controllers allow you to change the color-changing mode, color, brightness, or speed of your RGBW strip.

You will need a power supply to power your RGBW lighting. Make sure the match your strip’s voltage to the power supply’s voltage.

These are optional, but if you want to avoid voltage drops you can use amplifiers. They amplify power from one strip end to the beginning of the succeeding strip to prevent power losses.


Connecting RGBW Strips

Connecting the Strip to the Controller

Connecting the Controller to the Power Supply

Powering Your RGBW LED Strip

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