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COB LED Strips

Our product ranges are designed for led neon flex wholesale, engineering projects, lighting design, and structure decoration.


Ginde Star manufactures various LED lighting solutions, including flexible COB LED strip lights, that are perfect for any application requiring highly accurate colors and super bright lighting effects.

With our ISO 9001-certified quality management system, we can produce innovative and eco-friendly COB high power LED strip lights with customization options.

Choose Ginde Star as your COB LED flexible manufacturer and we will guarantee that you will receive high-quality but affordable lighting options for any project.

Product Specifications of Cob LED Strips

Model Name#1 COB Strip Light#2 COB Strip Light#3 COB Strip Light#4 COB Strip Light
ColorSingle colorSingle colorSingle colorDual color
Cutting Units
21leds/55.5mm @24V21leds/50mm @24V21leds/50mm @24V8x16mm
PCB Wide (Min.)6mm/8mm/10mm6mm/8mm/10mm6mm/8mm/10mm10mm
LED Light
LED Qty378LEDs/m480LEDs/m504LEDs/m576LEDs/m
Working Temperature-25℃ to 55℃-25℃ to 55℃-25℃ to 55℃-25℃ to 55℃
Power Consumption
Beam Angle160°160°160°160°
Bending Direction
Light Attenuation Degree

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Working 1000 hours < 3%

Working 3000 hours < 5%

Thermal Resistance (Tr)< 0.08~0.1℃/W< 0.08~0.1℃/W< 0.08~0.1℃/W< 0.08~0.1℃/W
Thermal Management

Cool Touch

Free Air Convection

Cool Touch

Free Air Convection

Cool Touch

Free Air Convection

Cool Touch

Free Air Convection

Strip Length
Max. 10m/roll
Input Voltage
12V DC/24V
Color Temperature
2700-6500K, Red, Green, Blue, RGB
PCB Wide

We offer the following LED COB strip lights:

  • Number of LEDs (LEDs/m): 378, 480, 504, 576
  • PCB Width (mm): 6, 8, 10
  • Operating Voltage: Single Color, Dual Color
  • Power: 12W, 14W
  • CRI: 90 Ra, 80 Ra
  • Cutting Units: 21 LEDs/55.5mm at 24V, 21 LEDs/50mm at 24V, 21 LEDs/41.67mm at 24V


If you have other special requirements for your LED strip lights that are not mentioned above, you can contact our experts so we can customize your desired strip lights.

Why Our COB LED Strip

Ginde Star makes water-proof LED strip COB lights that will exceed your expectations. Our products offer the following advantages:

Applications of COB LED Strips

Ginde Star COB LED strips can be used in almost any application due to their flexibility and wide range of operating voltage. Their structure can be customized to accomplish any objective. From residential to business applications, our COB LED strip lights can provide superb lighting to any space. They are commonly used in the following applications:


Ginde Star COB flexible LED strip lights are perfect for task lighting and mood lighting. You can use them to illuminate desks, artworks, architectural features, and other focal features. They are suitable for landscape lighting as well.


You can embed our COB LED strips into your ceiling to make a seamless accessory. Our ultraviolet COB lights that are ideal as ceiling lights. You can also use them as interior lighting decorations for restaurants, hotels, auditoriums, and others.

Street lights

Most modern street lights use LED lighting options because aside from being eco-friendly, they are brighter compared to traditional street lights. They are also easier to maintain and have longer service lives.

Advertising Signs

If you want your business to stand out, advertising signs made from COB LED lights would be excellent. With their high brightness, they can be seen even from far distances. Thus, helping you attract more customers.

More Led Strip Products

What is COB

Short for Chip-on-Board, COBs are LED packaging technologies that have multiple LED chips in one module. They are composed of arrays of white LEDs (called chips) with a minimum of 9 LEDs on one board. They can produce very bright lights despite their small sizes so they are excellent alternatives to using a lot of larger LEDs. Since they provide everything in one package, you don’t need to solder multiple times.

Ginde Star’s COBs use LEDs without outer packages. This makes our COB lights more compact because their LEDs can be densely packed together.

What is COB LED Strip Light?

COB LED strip lights are high-density lighting strips made through COB encapsulation. The encapsulation method reduces the strip circuit system’s thermal resistance. This improves the LED’s service life and produces a high-density light flux, small glare, and uniform light with no dark areas. Ginde Star offers long-lasting COB LED strip lights that can produce more focused lights which is perfect in highlighting structures.

Advantages of COB LED Lighting

Advantages of COB LED Lighting


COB strip lights are extremely flexible. You can bend them and form them into any shape without damaging the light’s PCB. You can also join multiple COB strip lights to accommodate your needs.

Reduced Heat Emissions

COB lighting options have simple designs and do not contain a lot of components. Their thermal sinks point toward their circuit boards, allowing the LED’s to emit less heat compared to other lighting options. Less heat emissions also translate to a smaller carbon footprint.

Smaller Size

COB lights are intelligently designed and are space-efficient. They are small but they can produce the same brightness as bigger LED lights (SMD strip lights for instance).

Focused Light & Improved Density

They can produce stronger and more focused light. Since the LED chips inside COB LED strip lights are extremely dense, they can also produce vibrant and uniform light which is perfect for plants.

Larger Viewing Angle

COB lighting options provide larger viewing angles and diffuse colors better so they can produce better color lighting effects.

Anti-Collision & Compression

The LED chips in COB lights are directly encapsulated so they are more durable and resistant to impacts.


COB strip lights are 1/3 lighter compared to other lighting options because they have thinner PCB boards which significantly reduces your engineering, transportation, and structural costs.

COB Strip Light VS. SMD Strip Lights

Below is a table comparing COB strip lights and SMD Strip lights.


COB Strip Lights

SMD Strip Lights



Appear like a collection of smaller lights

Number of Diodes

They normally have a minimum of 9 diodes. They have 1 circuit with 2 contacts regardless of how many diodes are in the strip light.

They can have a maximum of 3 diodes each of which have their own circuit composed of 1 cathode and 1 anode. Thus, resulting in 2, 4, or 6 contacts in one chip.


They are efficient in lighting applications requiring a single color but they cannot be used for color-changing bulbs.

They are more versatile compared to COB lights. Their chips can contain blue, red, and green diodes so they can produce any color by adjusting the outputs.


They are popular for their heat efficiency and better lumen/watt ratios. They can produce higher amounts of lumens (minimum of 80 lm/watt).

SMD lights can produce 50 to 100 lm/watt but they use more energy.


More compact diodes so their chips are smaller

The diodes used have outer packages so their chips are about 6x larger than COB chips

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