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Top 5 Custom Neon Light Brands in India

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Neon lighting is dynamic and adaptable for a wide variety of applications. It has become increasingly preferable due to its energy efficiency, easy installation, and numerous customization options. In India, neon lights are particularly popular for decorating buildings as well as homes and other social venues during festivals and celebrations. 

For quality neon lighting, it is essential that you find a neon light manufacturer that adheres to high manufacturing standards. It is like that we need to purify the indoor air for better living, and need to find the best-in-class air purifier manufacturers in india to reach our goal.It would also be helpful if they provide comprehensive customization services to provide you with neon lights that match the specifics of your project. Are you looking for a reliable neon Lighting supplier in India? Look no more. The following are some top custom neon lights brands that you count on to deliver flawless lighting.

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Gindestar led logo

Ginde Star is a world-class neon light manufacturer. The company headquarters is located in China but the firm has a vast global presence. It has collaborated and successfully delivered on projects for numerous international clients which has served to further expand its network and experience. Its state-of-the-art factory is well-equipped with high-standard machinery and all operations are run by a team of expert staff. 

Ginde Star offers a comprehensive selection of LED neon lighting products. The varieties include LED neon flex mini, neon flex landscape, neon flex RGB/RGBW, and neon flex pixel. These options are all available in different models to suit different types of projects and deliver a stream of bright spotless lighting. They have a flexible structure that is durable and easy to install. In terms of power consumption, they are energy-efficient and thus eco-friendly.

 This company would be a good neon light supplier to consider if you have a project that requires custom neon light in India. It is a certified OEM and ODM manufacturer that offers top-notch custom neon flex lighting. You can customize design details such as the logo, color, size, and insulative jacketing of the lights(PVC or food-grade silicone). You would also benefit from their:

Inava Instrument International

Inava company logo

Inava instrument international is a manufacturer and importer of neon lighting and a variety of LED lighting solutions. They supply both the local Indian market and also supply their products to clients in other countries. The company has a long-standing reputation in the electronic sector and thus has a good understanding of the evolving neon lighting market. This, in addition to their innovative staff, has enabled them to import and also produce neon lights that are up to international standards.

The LED neon flex light products from Inava are available in a variety of colors and are insulated in PVC. The PVC marketing can range from opaque, opalescent to transparent. It all depends on the ideas you might have for your neon flex installation. The company promises a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours for each of their LED neon flex products in addition to steady lighting with no dark spots. 

On customization, Inava is keen on working closely with clients to develop solutions that meet their needs. You can, therefore, present the company with a brief of your lighting project and they would produce custom neon lighting that matches the brief. For projects that may be outside their scope, Inava is open to sourcing custom products from international partner suppliers on behalf of its clients.

Online Prince Center

Online Prince Center logo

Online Prince Center has been in the lighting industry for more than 30 years. Originally the company was known for its aluminum profiles but it has since diversified into manufacturing and supplying LED lighting and profiles. It performs all its procedures in-house and has specialized experts for each of the neon lights production processes. 

This company’s product catalog comprises mainly LED strips and LED neon flex lights. The neon lights are waterproof and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Years of experience in the neon lighting business have seen Online Prince gain lots of expertise in manufacturing neon lighting. The firm is thus fully capable of customizing neon light orders to match customers’ special requirements.

Seetu Lighting

Orbit Lighting logo

Seetu lighting is a subsidiary of the Orbit brand of lighting products. Orbit was originally established in 1989 and has its roots in Belgium. The brand has since grown exponentially and has multiple subsidiaries across the world, one of which is Seetu lighting.

Despite being a subsidiary, Seetu does not only import and supply Orbit lighting products, but it also manufactures them from scratch at a local factory. It does, however, adhere to the quality and branding guidelines of its parent firm.

While Seetu Lighting offers a wide range of LED lighting products, its neon lighting options are limited to LED neon strips. Nonetheless, you would have a variety of color options to choose from. You can equally rely on this brand of neon lighting if you require customized neon LED strips. The company’s production factory is advanced enough for customization services. Seetu Lighting can also source unique neon lighting products from fellow Orbit lighting subsidiaries.

Greenize Lighting Solutions

Greenize Lighting Solutions logo

Greenize Lighting Solutions is a LED lighting supplier with a focus on providing eco-friendly lighting. It has business partnerships with Korean and Taiwanese lighting brands from which it sources LED lighting based on the requirements of its clients. All the brands that they are affiliated with are CE and ROHS certified. 

Greenize supplies LED neon flex lights that are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. They are housed in PVC jacketing and have an estimated lifespan of about 45,000 hours. The company further offers turn-key solutions also known as customized lighting for customer projects. Such solutions are also tailor-made to be energy-efficient while maintaining high performance.


Neon lighting is great but custom neon lighting would transform your lighting experience to a whole new level. It is a great way to ensure that your lighting is optimized for branding, outdoor/indoor performance, or special effects such as light displays at carnivals. Nevertheless, it comes down to choosing a neon light manufacturer that can capture your vision and execute it to perfection. The brands on this list are renowned for doing just that.

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