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Where to Buy RGB LED Strips in Bulk

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Buying things in bulk always makes more economic sense. When you consider the number of LED lights needed on a single strip, it will dawn on you that dealing with such a high number of chips and strips would be very expensive if they were to be bought as angle units.

Many LED strip manufacturers sell them in bulk to suppliers and retailers, who then break them down into smaller sizes for more profit. Therefore, if you want to save money, you may want to bypass that local shop for a while and try the following sources.

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Buying from the Manufacturer

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Many LED strip manufacturers make their profits by selling their products in bulk to as many suppliers and retailers as possible. You can take advantage of this and contact the factory directly to get the same discounted prices. However, you will have to buy a certain number depending on the preferences of the manufacturer. Some of the advantages of buying directly from the factory include the following:

You get amazing discounts, saving extra money that can be redirected to other things

You get more LED strips and even have some left to spare once you have wired your house or business premise.

You are assured of quality as they come straight from the assembly line into your hands.

Buying from the Supplier

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Sometimes between the manufacturer and the retailer is the supplier. Their prices may be a little higher than those from the factory, but they are still lower than those offered by final retailers. Buying from the best-LED supplier makes sense if the factory is too far away or in another country. You may talk with the supplier to offer you good discounts, coming to an agreement wouldn’t be hard, but they too have to make their profits.

Some of the benefits of buying from the supplier include the following.

Favorable discounts that allow you to buy more

High-quality products as they have only been handled by two parties

Buying from the Retailer

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This is the last option when both the supplier and the manufacturer are out of reach. Retailers are usually more, and they operate their businesses from small shops within residential localities, which means they are much easier to access. However, their prices are the highest compared to the other three as they are factoring in the cost of procuring and availing the lights near you.

Some benefits of getting your LEDs in bulk from the retailer include the following;

Some slight discounts are involved

There’s convenience as they are near you which means you can buy them at any time you want

There’s home delivery involved for some.

Buying Online

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This is the best option if the manufacturer, supplier, and most of the retailers are located outside your country or are too far for any physical visit to be possible. Another reason why people order LED lights in bulk from online stores is that there are more varieties online compared to what is stocked in physical shops.

Some of the best online stores to buy LED strip lights include the following:

eBay: eBay stocks LED strips from various suppliers and retailers and ships internationally at a fee. You may have to wait for a little to receive your goods.

Amazon: Just like eBay, Amazon is also an online platform that allows independent suppliers to sell LED strip lights in bulk. There’s also some shipping fee involved, and the amount depends on the distance.

Alibaba: Alibaba is the largest Asian online site for selling and buying goods and services. Many of the LED manufacturers across Asia usually post their products there, and you can buy them in bulk, which will then be shipped directly to you at a fee.

Buying LED lights in bulk from online stores carry its risks; however, some of the drawbacks of using this method include the following:

You cannot verify the goods until you have paid for them in advance; in the event that theory happens to be inferior to what you paid for, you may not get your refund as most of these sellers are not trustworthy.

It takes a lot of time to arrive. Delivery times may have improved, but the process is still painfully slow. It may take you up to a month to receive something that you already paid for.


At Gindestar LED, we value the needs of our customers, and that is why we are able to offer customized LED strip lights in bulk at affordable prices. What’s more, we have an after-sales team that will follow up to ensure that any problems that may pop up are addressed. Therefore, if you are looking To purchase LED strips in bulk, feel free to get in touch with us.

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