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RGB Strip Lights: What They Are and How They Are Used

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A lot has changed since Thomas Edison introduced the light bulb to the world. We have gone from using rudimentary versions of the bulb for basic lighting to evolving them further into sophisticated tools that do more than light our houses. One of the many innovations is the RGB Strip Lights.

RGB Strip Lights are color changing strips of light that have the ability to produce any shade of any color, and it is created by mixing up the three primary colors; Red, Blue, and Green. Their output depends on their type of controller used. They also have the ability to produce pure white light.

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How Do RGB Strip Lights Work?

The anatomy of RGB strip light is not as complicated as many people assume it to be. A typical one is about half an inch in width and can be as long as 16 feet, even more for those that are more ambitious. The strip can be cut down to specific lengths and still function as intended. Each strip has clear cutlines that act as the guide if you plan to slice them up, something that you can do with a pair of scissors.

LEDs are then mounted along the strips in varying styles. You could have as much as 36 of them on a single 120-meter strip. The quality of the light of the whole strip will depend on the quality and intensity of each LED on the strip.

The back of the strip has a double-sided pre-applied adhesive that can be peeled off to allow the strip to be stuck on any type of smooth and clean surface. Considering how flexible the circuit boards on the strips are, they can even be curved around circular surfaces without anything breaking off.

The LEDs work using a very simple principle; each one can produce a staggering 256 shades of the assigned color. If you were to use 3 LEDs at the same time, you would have three strips with an impressive 16.7 million color combinations, and this is the reason why RGB strip lights are very popular among people of all ages.

Once you have set everything up, simply connect the strip to a source of power and start playing around with it using the remote control.

How to Choose the Right RGB Strip Light

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The sheer number of RGB strip lights is immense; when you consider how varied their functioning can be. Asky any custom LED manufacturer and they will tell you that no two strips are exactly the same. Therefore, if you were to decide to buy a couple of strips, you’ll find yourself dealing with the headache of making a choice.

To help your work much easier, the following are factors you have to keep in mind when shopping for the right RGB strip light.

LEDs x Length Ratio

LED Strip Cuts
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LEDs are laced on the strip in a strategic manner that sets them apart using equal distances. There’s no standard number of LEDs that are required to be on a strip, some have the lights so far apart, and others have them packed together. The bottom line is that the more the LEDs, the better the buy as you will have more lights, more color options, and more application ways.

LEDs that are spaced too far apart may not produce that smooth transitioning lighting you are looking for; it will be too spotty and will look more like a blinking strip rather than a flow of light. So when looking at the strips, pay attention to the density of the LEDs.


Bright LED
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There has to be some form of balance to how intense the LEDs are. Too bright, and you will be negatively affected; too dim, and you will start having eye issues. The brightness of an LED strip also determines its location. If you are setting them up in a dark room, then too much brightness may not be so good that it should be saved for a well-lit room. This is called accent lighting, and if this is the route you plan to take, then 200 lumens LEDs will work just fine.

The Colors

Purple LED
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The number of shades that can come out of the RGB spectrum is immense. When selecting a strip, look at the number of colors that the strip can emit distinctively; the more they are, the better for you. When you combine all that with a good controller with multiple functions, then the things you can do with that strip are unlimited.

Ease of Installation

LED Strip Installation
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You need a strip that is easy to operate and install, not the type that will require hours of going through the manual or needed external help. Generally, RGB strip lights are decorations, and therefore, they are things that can be set up quickly. It can be easily installed even in the garden. Printing poems about garden or rose garden quote on wooden board  and decorating with RGB LED strips can mostly beutify your garden. Pay consideration to that aspect and avoid gouging for the types that may look too complicated to install. A good RGB strip light should be a plug-and-play type.

The Wattage

LED Strip
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Knowing the amount of power needed to power up a strip is vital. It will help you plan around the electricity bill while at the same time, give you the chance to get the right strip that will not force you into adding more power accessories to make it work. Knowing the total wattage output of the strip will help you find the right power supply. Generally, these strips come in three types; they can either be a direct plug-in, 12V or 24VDC powered.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is ensuring that the wattage supplied by the power is about 10% more than the wattage that the strip LEDs will need to work. The formula is simple;

Output Voltage x Amperage = Power Supply Wattage.

The Function

Decorative Strip
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What’s your purpose for the LED strips? Are you looking for accent lights, indirect lighting, or some other type of lighting? There are many applications of strip lights, and each of them has the LEDs designed in a specific way. You cannot use accent lights for task lighting. You have to have a good idea of what you are aiming for before starting your search, this will not just help save you time, but you will buy the right kind of RGB strip lights, avoiding wasting money in the process.

Applications; How to Use RGB LED Strip Lights

The number of things you can do with these types of lights is unlimited. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, in cars, in business establishments., virtually anywhere, and on anything. The following are some of the main applications.

Home Applications

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At home, the lights can be used for accent lighting where they are strategically placed under things to throw off a casting glow, adding an aesthetic touch to the house. They can be used as task lighting, decorations, and in so many locations and in varied positions and styles. You are only limited by your creativity. The biggest reason why they are the best for home use is the low power they need to work; you will barely feel the dent in your power bills

Business Applications

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Bars, restaurants, and shops cannot do without RGB LED strips; they are the blood and heart of advertisement, the best way to get the attention of potential customers. They are placed on doors, windows, signage, and walls. Most of the ones used in business establishments make use of bright colors and flashy displays. They can also combine very well with accent lighting to create the perfect ambient atmosphere for customers to unwind.


LED Signage
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Billboards and signs have been using multi-colored lights for years to get their message across easily. In the past, that used to be very expensive but thanks to technological advancements, RGB LED strips have made that much easier and cheaper to pull off. They use less power and can be changed on cue at any moment. They also come with advanced control systems that allow people to add as many variations of the messages as they can.


A Stage with LED Strip Lights
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Disco lights have been making use of a wide array of colored lights to increase the fun. RGB strips have further transformed the entertainment landscape by availing more entertainment options for night clubs. Artists who do live shows also make use of tee strip lights, not just for stage accents, but they also incorporate them into their clothing.

Automobile Applications

Car Interior with LED Strips
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RGB strip lights come in very handy where automobiles are involved. From cars to motorcycles, and even road bikes, they can be installed just about anywhere. They can be set up inside the car to provide dim accent lights, or they can be placed inside the wheels to create a stream of colored lights as the car speeds along. They can be added in head and tail lights or more visibility; the possibilities are endless.

RGB LED Strip Ideas

The things you can do with strips of RGB LEDs are limited by your creativity. Whether it is inside your house or the office, there are countless ideas you can try out. Some of the notable ones include the following.


What has been described here so far is just a small part of what RGB LED lights can be used for. They come in many typing as long power requirements you can comfortably meet, so don’t shy away from exploring your wild and creative style with them. For more information on the latest arrivals in the market, get in touch with us at any time, and you will get all the information you need.

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