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Best 10 Led Neon Flex Suppliers in the UK

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Led Neon Flex offers the best and most uniform linear lighting. They can be used to create signs, names, and can be applied in different industries. You can tailor its use according to your specific needs. Finding suppliers who deal with high quality led neon flex lights may prove to be a problem. It requires you to be very meticulous when conducting your research.

Fortunately, there are worldwide LED neon flex suppliers available who will provide exactly what you need. From the UK to suppliers in India you’ll find your perfect fit.

Let’s take a look at the best Led-neon flex suppliers in the UK and what they are all about. Some of the best suppliers in the UK include:

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Atom Led Lighting

Atom led lighting logo
Atom led lighting ltd was founded in June 2018 and works to realize the light revolution and provide the best products in the market. They are very energy efficient and ensure to keep costs down and reduce their carbon footprint. This makes them the perfect suppliers for those who efforts toward environmental conservation is a major concern. Their products are top-notch and employ innovative technologies. They are located in Telford UK. To find out more, check out their website.

Carousel Lights

Carousel lights logo
This company is a family business founded by a brother and sister. They specialize in creating quality, unique, and decorative lights. They feature neon ultra, neon Superflex, led neon flex UK, and lightboxes. Their main aim is to work with people in different industries to provide the best illumination each time. They are located in Birmingham drive, UK. Visit their website to learn more.


For custom neon lights in the UK, this is the place to checkout. They are an online business working with specialists with over 25 years of experience in the light industry. They specialize in led lights include led strips and led neon flex. Hi-line provides quality products that can be used in different areas making them very versatile. Their products apply a minimum order quantity that you have to meet to get your products at the best price. They are located in Teddington UK.


Inui logo
The best neon flex UK lights have to be of high quality and efficiency. This efficiency allows you to conserve energy with ease. Inui is one of the best suppliers to deal with when looking for led lights for a project you have. They work with specialists with over 42 years of experience in their respective fields. This ensures their products meet your expectations and deliver on their promises. They are located in Nottingham UK.

Ginde star

Ginde Star Logo

Ginde star is an experienced LED neon manufacturer and supplier and has been in business for a while. They deal with clients from around the world and have established a name as the leading led neon flex suppliers. They were established in 2013 and work on creating high-quality products using the latest most sustainable technology. They work with a staff of over 40 employees with the skills and experience required to ensure that all their products meet your expectations.

DDS Led Lighting Solutions

DDS Led lighting logo

This is an independent company that deals with a range of led products including neon lights and led neon flex. If you’re looking to work on custom neon signs UK this is a great place to start. Their products promise high performance and efficiency ensuring that your projects run smoothly. DDS Led lighting solutions was founded in 2008 and has garnered a lot of experience when it comes to quality led lights. They are located in Southampton UK.

Led Technologies

Led technologies logo
If you’re looking to work on bespoke neon signs in the UK, led technologies to specialize in bespoke led strip lights and neon flex. They strive to create high-quality products while keeping up with the latest technology. They have been in the Led business for over 10 years working with people from different industries to realize their visions for adopting led. They are located in the heart of Cheshire UK.

Ultra LEDs


Ultra LEDs is a supplier that deals with led products including bespoke, neon flex, custom-made neon signs in the UK and led strips among others. They were founded in 2005 and have a large production facility and a warehouse that allows them to keep up with the demand for their products. They offer a warranty of up to 5 years which is a great advantage and assurance of their quality. They are located in Trafford Park UK.


Downlights logo

This is an online-based supplier dealing with premium quality led lights (downlights) that promise efficiency and high performance. They have offices in Rochdale UK and you can also check out their website to learn more


Lightwave logo
This company specializes in providing quality led lights to both commercial and residential premises for different applications. Lightwave also prides itself in working with led light experts with the latest tech knowledge to create unique and high performing products. They are located in Hampshire UK.


Led neon flex applications are gaining popularity among different groups of people. This has made demand rise significantly with companies mentioned above coming in to fill the supply gap. Whatever your project is whether you want to create personalized neon signs in the UK or create a grand sign for business, led neon flex is the way to go.

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