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How to Install Led Strips: Useful Tips

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When working on installing your led strips, you need to make sure that your kit is well equipped with the necessary led accessories. These accessories are meant to make your work easier and facilitate a smooth installation process.

However, even with the necessary accessories and tools, you still need the knowledge that accompanies them.

Knowing how to carry out your installment and also how the accessories are used is very important. If you’re wondering what steps are entailed in installing led strips, here is how you should go about it.

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Check Your Strip Lights


It is important to ensure that your strip lights are working and in the right condition. This will help you avoid going all the way only to be disappointed. The best way to do this is by unrolling your led strip lights and connecting them to your power supply.

Once they are connected, they should light up affirming that they are in perfect condition. However, if they don’t light up, they may have a problem or rather your connection could be faulty.

Once the lights are on, you’ll be in a better position to decide whether you’ll use a dimmer if they are too bright or install them as is.

Take Careful Measurements and Cut


Before installing your led strips, you need to ensure that you first measure out your surface and make sure to be accurate. This will help you have a clear understanding of how long your led strips need to be.

After you have your measurements, the next step is to have your led strip cut to size. To do this, you’ll need sharp scissors to ensure that you make clean and precise cuts.

Keep in mind that cutting led strips requires you to stay within the cut lines indicated on the led. This ensures that you don’t ruin the lights by cutting any of the diodes in the strip.

Connect Your Led Strips

led strip connectors

Depending on the surface you’re working with, you may have to connect two or more led strips with the possibility of catering for corners.

Keeping this into consideration will help you better prepare for such a situation. Making these connections is quite easy. All you need are the necessary tools and accessories.

Determine whether you’re using a single-colored led strip or a multi-colored one. This will help you choose the right connectors to make your led lights work.

For the single-colored led strips you’ll need a 2-pin led strip connector while the RGB led will use a 4-pin led strip connector.

Also, depending on what your aim is with the connection, you can either use an end to end connector or an led to wire connector.

An end to end connector comes in handy when connecting two led strip lights to get a longer run.

On the other hand, a led to wire connector will work great in corners and any spaces that you need to factor in.

Install the Led Strip on Your Desired Surface

Person installing led strips under a cabinet

The first thing to do is to make sure that your surface is clean and ready for installation. Wipe down your surface and leave it dry to ensure that the led strip adheres well. Your strip comes with a strip adhesive that you can use.

All you need to do is pull back the protective cover and stick your led strip onto your surface. You however also have the option of using mounting clips to ensure that the strip is well secured.

However, if you want to decorate exterior of your house or garden with led stirp, clean the serface before installing. Led strips are great option to beautify your surroundings, you can combine some quotes like green thumb quote or friendship garden quotes with led to make your garden special.

Install Your Dimmer

Led dimmer

There are different types of dimmers that you can consider for your project. They’ll help you turn down the brightness of your lights whenever you want to. They are not necessary but are however a great addition to your led strip project.

Mounting your led dimmer can be done using clips. The only thing to consider is how well concealed it is. Try to have it somewhere it is not easily noticeable. Connecting your led dimmer to your strip lights should be done before connecting the lights to power.

Connect the wires from your dimmer to your led strip using the necessary connectors. Next, secure the other wires hanging from your dimmer directly to your power supply.

Connect to a Power Source

Led strip connected to power source

There are different power supplies for you to consider when looking for ways to power your led strip lights.

These power supplies should be connected to your dimmer however if you’ll not be using one, you can connect it to the led strips.

Connecting it to the led strip may require the use of led to wire led strip connectors to better connect the strip to power.

Light it Up

Lit led strip lights under cabinet

The last step is the most fulfilling given that it shows the results of your hard work during installation.

All you need is to turn on the switch and adjust your dimmer to bring your brightness to a level that is comfortable to you. You can now enjoy using your led strip lights.


Installing led strips is an easy process that you can take up and have amazing results. Be sure to be open-minded and willing to redo some of the steps if it doesn’t turn out as expected. Otherwise, you could just leave the work to professionals who can help you.

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