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Best Neon Underglow Kits for 2021: A Buying Guide

A Truck with Underglow Lights
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Vehicles have come a long way from being modes of transportation, they are now getting personalized and people are investing heavily in making their cars look good and comfortable. One of the many ways they are doing this is through the addition of underglow kits that increase the aesthetics of the vehicle. Having lights of different colors shining under your car or motorbike will always look good.

This is going to be an in depth guide on the best neon underglow kits that will cover the types that exist, their cost, where to get them and how factors to consider when purchasing them. If you have been planning to set them up in your house, then this is the article for you.

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Why You Need Underglow Kits

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Underglow kits have a long and checkered history and most car owners who never shy away from being eccentric with their cars have them installed in various places to give their vehicles an edge. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider getting an underglow kit for your vehicle.

They increase the aesthetic appeal of the car. Having these on glowing in a number of bright colors will always turn heads everywhere you turn up with your car. Underglow kits are a form of making a statement for those that love attention.

They increase the visibility of the car at night on the road. It is easier to spot a car that has underglow kits from a long distance away since it is hard to miss the bright lights emanating from beneath the hood.

Installing them is not that hard or expensive. You simply get the kit that fits your needs then have it hooked under the hood or any other part of the car and you are good to go.

They are versatile and can be installed on just about anything; be it your track, a small car, the motorbike and even on your regular bicycle. There’s no limitation to what you can do with underglow kits.

Types of Underglow Kits

There are different types of underglow kits that you can turn to to soup up your car and turn it into the envy of all drivers on the road. Each is created by different brands and are unique in their own way. Some of the best types you can get in the market right now include the following.

OPT7 Aura Stip Interior Lighting Kit
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This is a reliable and brilliant underglow kit from OPT7, one of the leading manufacturers of underglow kits for cars and other types of vehicles and motorcycles. This kit comes with 4 LED strips with flexible properties that allow it to be modelled around any surface on the car and have enough adhesive to keep them glued to the surface no matter the bumps and jumps or the rain that may hit them directly or indirectly.


Another unique feature that the kit exhibits is the SoundSync, a bass activated technology that syncs the flashing of the LED lights to the type of music you play in the car, this further makes the light effects to stand out. It also comes with a wireless remote control that allows the user to switch the many lighting patterns that are inbuilt into the kit. The remote has options to increase the speed of the lights with everything controlled through different buttons.


The time it takes to install these lights is about 5 minutes. All you need is to have them wired in the right places and then plug the adapter into the charging slot near the front of the car and everything lights up.



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AMBOTHER is another type of flexible underglow lights that feature four LED strips that are supple enough to be wrapped around anything, making them ideal for creating those curvy contours along the underbelly of the car or any other place you may fancy adding them. The kit has an impressive 8 preset static colors which come with a sound-active mode that synced the music to the lights, changing them depending on the flow of the music beats that blast from the car.


The lights are decently waterproof and can withstand any kind of weather, all thanks to the powerful transparent coating that protects the LED lights and other electrical parts from exposure to moisture. They also come with double sided pressure sensitive adhesive tapes that ensure the strip sticks to the surface they are placed on, the only way you’d get them off is if you yank them by force.


Some of the places where this kit can be installed include the car rear, the undercarriage, the front grille, the dash, the bumper, under the footwells and host of other locations. They do very well when installed inside the car.



Xprite Car Underglow Light Strips
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Xprite is a respected brand that is involved in the manufacture of all kinds of car accessories, including underglow kits, and the Xprite Car Underglow Light Strips are among their best offerings. It has a brilliant design that combines brightly colored LEDs that contain the revolutionary three-in-one RGB chips for maximum brightness and richness of color. 


The construction of the entire product is robust with flexible rubber ring covering the entire length of the product imparting waterproof qualities that shield the bulbs from being damaged by water. The coating also protects the strip from physical damage from rocks that may fling against it as the car speeds up on gravel roads.


It comes with an impressive 8 color presets with varying modes that range from very bright to dim. The lights can be synced with any music that is played in the car, going a step further by incorporating 4 music modes for the user to choose from. The strips that come with this underglow kit are over 45 foot combined which means they can cover a significant area of the car no matter how big it may be.



Govee Car Underglow LED Lights
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The Govee Car Underglow LED Lights were designed for bigger and longer cars as they have the longest LED strips on this list. With a stabilized voltage of about 12V, the kits pack enough power to keep the lights on all through the journey without as much as a dim or a misplaced flicker making them the ideal underglow lights to have with you if you love travelling at night on roads with poor visibility.


The kit also comes with Bluetooth control and then goes a step further by having a mobile app through which the user can control all the functions of the kit from setting the speed of light variations, the brightness and dimness as well as the music sync. It is equipped with about 7 scene modes giving the user an impressive array of options to choose from.


The LED car strips found in the light strips are very powerful and produce very bright light when maxed out, something that may pose a danger to oncoming vehicles at night. Therefore, when you turn on these lights on the road in the dark ensure that they are dimmed down a little.



Where to Get Underglow Kits

Small Car with Underglow Lights
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Underglow kits are widely available all over the globe as they are very popular with car owners of all ages, gender and races. They can be bought both online and offline. On the online platform, you can find them on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and a host of other e-commerce websites where they are listed by various companies and car body kit shops from around the world. You can also procure them directly from any LED Strip manufacturer in bulk at discounted prices.


You can also check out the many car parts shops in your area, the chances of one of them stocking up on a number of underglow kits is very high. When dealing with online vendors however makes sure they are legit before sending your money. Check out the reviews and ask around for verification before settling on one to reduce the chances of being scammed.

How to Choose the Best Underglow Kit

Shopping for an underglow kit can be energy sapping and time consuming since the options available are so many. Too much choice can be confusing and it is easy to end up with the ring kit. To help you navigate through this tricky path, the following are some of the factors you have to pay attention to when selecting an underglow kit for your vehicle.

The Length of the Strip

The size of your car should give you a rough idea of the strip size to go for. Smaller cars don’t require very long led strips. Anything between 2-3 feet can fit them perfectly in the right places. But if you own a bigger car like a truck, then you should be looking for an underglow kit that has a minimum of 5 feet of LED strips for sufficient coverage. If getting a single kit with that kind length is hard, you can choose to go with two smaller kits and have them cover one’s side of the car each.

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Nature and Weight

A good waterproof underglow kit should have LED trips that are lightweight enough to stick to the body of the car without falling off no matter what happens adn at the same time, they should be flexible enough to curve around bends and other curved parts of the car. The main reason why people use underglow lights is to add aesthetics to the appearance of the car and this will not be possible if the light strips are too stiff to bend around parts. They should be able to fit under the wheel, or even inside them without sticking out or hanging on the edge. The weight of the light strip should be as negligible as possible for them to latch properly on any surface of the car..

The Beam Angle

Underglow lights are not installed without a plan. Many people assume all they need to do is to peel off the adhesive and simply stick them to any part of the car’s underbelly. You have to pay attention to the beam angle. This is the angle at which the light emanating from the LED strip lights hits the ground and illuminates everything else under the car.

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Ease of Installation

The average time it takes to install a bright underglow kit on your vehicle is about 5 minutes. But there are some kits that will give you a hard time depending on the nature of your car and the quality of the kit. A good kit should have dual side adhesive tape that can stick onto any surface well enough to hold the entire strip in place even when the car hits mad speeds or runs into bumps and holes. The tools used to install the strips should also be easy to use with clear instructions from the manual.


How many colors can the kit emit? Are there any extra modes that increase the co,or combinations that one can use? Can the kit be synchronized with the music? These are the questions you should be asking when checking out an underglow kit. 

To get the best from these items, you have to buy an underglow light kit that has customizable features and extra addons to boot. Mobile apps for example, wireless remotes and the ability to sync the flashing lights to the beat of the music being played in the car.

Interior of a Car
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The Law
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Not all states and countries entertain underglow lights on vehicles, you have to be very careful before driving into the garage to have them installed. Having bright flashing colors of this nature on vehicles is considered to be a hazard to other drives in some places and it is legal to have them installed anywhere in the car, even on the inside. Therefore, before buying that amazing underglow kit you have been salivating over, first find out if the area you are in allows their installation.

The Budget

Underglow LED lights don’t cost that much. For as little as $10 you can get a kit that can fit your car well. However, the quality and durability of the kit depends both on the brand and the cost. Going for $10 may be a good idea right  now but if they stop working after a few weeks, you’ll be forced to buy another one a dnin the long run, you end up spending even more. Go for something that will last, from a reputable brand that has warranty covers for their products. You shoudlespect to be charged anything between $30-$60. Anything above that is unnecessary.

The Budget
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The ability to control the brightness, the speed of flashes, the color combinations and other aspects of the RGB Underglow Kit are what makes having this on your vehicle fun and worth the dime. If the kits came with pre-determined and unchangeable patterns, then there would be any point in installing them on the car. Having the power to change the patterns and brightness to suit your mood is an underrated feature that any good underglow worth its value should have on the minimum.

Customized Underglow Kits

GinderstarLED Strips

At Gindestar LED, we manufacture all kinds of flexible neon and LED strip lights that can be used on cars, motorcycles and any other thing you may want. Our catalog consists of all types of flexible neon lights that can be customized on request to fit all kinds of vehicles and motorcycles. Our products give you the freedom to add your own modifications as you see fit as they are easy to install without any outside help and the application possibilities are unlimited.

You can choose to have them set on the external parts of the car where they can be stuck under the hood or on top of the car where they can stay for as long as you want. The high-quality protective coating ensures that no damage from solid debris or rain comes to the LED chips inside. You could also have them set inside the car to give the interior space a nice ambient feel suitable for long drives.


Your car is your refuge and you reserve every right to add any customizations you feel appropriate to it. If you have been thinking of getting an RGB underglow kit for your beautiful truck or motorbike, then this article should lead you in the right direction. There are more products similar to this in the market that you can check out at your one convenience but this list would be the best place for you to start.

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