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LED Strip Lights

Ginde Star is one of the leading flexible LED strip light and ribbon tape light manufacturers and suppliers in China. We supply environmentally-friendly wholesale LED strip lighting solutions with international certifications at affordable prices.

Wholesale 12-Volt & 24-Volt LED Strip Lights From China

As a trustworthy LED strip light wholesaler, we offer a wide range of innovative LED light strips from China to suit the different needs of our clients.

We have single-color and dual-color COB strip lights with a high CRI score of 90Ra so they can produce highly-accurate light colors

Our dimmable and high-density RGB LED strips made in China use SMD 5050 chips which produce 3x brighter lights compared to SMD 3528 chips.

Our waterproof addressable LED strips have LEDs that you can individually control which allows you to create multi-colored lights using a single strip.

Our flexible RGBW LED strips have 4-in-1 chips that allow you to produce color-changing lights as well as white lights in different color temperatures.

If you want to produce bolder light colors including warm white and cool white light colors, our adjustable 5-in-1 RGBWW LED strips are perfect for you.

Our tunable CCT LED strips use SMD 2835 chips that have better heat dissipation performance. You can choose colors between 2700K and 6500K color temperatures.

Custom LED Light Strips

We are an LED strip lighting China supplier and distributor, with skilled designers who can create LED light strips that can fit your exact specifications. Below are the lighting features than you can customize:

LED Chips

You can choose the type and brand of your LED strip’s chips. We have Epistar and Sanan LED chips and more on request.


You can choose the thickness, width, and length of the strip to suit your application.

A person cutting a LED strip light

Cuttable Length

We offer PVC and silicone neon flex lights in 2.5cm, 5cm, 10cm, and up to 100cm lengths or according to your requirements.


For your custom lighting project, we can offer led strip light no matter what appearance you need.

Warm color LED strip light


Customize your strip’s colors according to your specifications by choosing your desired color combinations and patterns.

Color Temperature

We can help you achieve the exact ambiance you want by creating lights with color temperatures that match your needs.


Our strips lights support CRI features up to 95Ra and 98Ra so they can create accurate and vivid light effects.

Outlet & Bend Type

You have the freedom to choose the bend and outlet designs of your strips to ensure the effectiveness of your lights.

LED Strip Light Projects For Indoor and Outdoor Use

You can use our LED strip lights in a wide variety of applications. They are perfect for creating a pleasant ambiance in every space. Buy wholesale LED strip lighting to cut on your expenses for large projects.

Use our LED strip lights as backlighting for light-sensitive products such as beers, wines, and spirits to extend their shelf-lives.
Our LED lights are perfect for lighting vehicles, boats, RVs, and others because they consume less energy while creating an attractive lighting design.
Installing our LED strips in your offices will help your employees be more productive by keeping them focused. They can also increase safety in homes by deterring burglars.
Highlight architecture or products using our LED strips to make them more aesthetically appealing to customers. This drives better sales.
Highlight architecture or products using our LED strips to make them more aesthetically appealing to customers. This drives better sales.

Why Buy Wholesale LED Strip In Bulk From Ginde Star

So why should you choose Ginde Star for buying flexible wholesale LED strip lights?

Certified Strip Quality

We can guarantee that our clients will only receive high-quality products because all of our LED strip lights conform with international standards such as REACH, RoHS, UL, and CE.

Full Strip Options

Does your lighting project need longer LED strip lights? We can customize them for you to accommodate your specific requirements. We provide full strip options to our customers.

Competitive Price

With our own LED strip light factory, we can offer our LED strips at affordable prices to help you save on your expenses. Buy LED strip lights in wholesale for discounted prices.

No Minimum MOQ

No need to worry about buying extra LED strips that you won’t be using because regardless if you want to order in small or bulk quantities, Ginde Star can cater to your needs.

Your Best-in-Class China LED Strip Manufacturer

As an experienced LED strip company,Ginde Star can manufacture Chinese LED strip lights that are tailored to your needs. We have our own LED strip light factory that performs strict quality assurance testing to ensure that you receive premium-quality lighting solutions.

We use environmentally-friendly PVC and food-grade silicone in manufacturing our LED strip lights. The LED strip manufacturing process from china includes LED aging testing and integrating sphere testing to ensure our strip light’s quality. Buy bulk LED light strips from us and we will guarantee the success of your lighting projects.

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