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5050 - 3528 - 5630: Which Is the Brightest RGB Led Strip?

Ambient Lighting
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When you look at an RGB strip, you will notice a series of numbers inscribed on it, four digits to be exact. These numbers are not for show, they are the dimension of the strip, and they indicate the brightness power. The numbers stand for the length and the width of each LED diode on a strip, and they are measured in millimeters. For instance, the 5050 is 5.0mm by 5.0mm.

We are going to look at the three main LED diodes, namely, the 5050, 3528, and 5630, comparing each in terms of power consumption and light output.

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5050 LED
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The 5050 is an RGB strip whose chips measure 5.0mm by 5.0mm. They have 3 LED diodes in each casing called tri-chips, which gives them a very bright glare when turned on at full power. They are mostly used for lighting huge interior spaces and outdoors, too, like restaurants and cafes where they provide ambient lighting on the ceiling or the floors.

The drawbacks to the 5050 are their size, you can only fit a few handfuls of them on one strip, and this forces you to use more of them for the best results. This costs money. They also produce considerable heat, and for this reason, they need to be placed on a thicker PCB, which absorbs much of that heat and redirects it elsewhere.

The 5050 diodes are best suited for single color applications because of their intense brightness; if they were to use flashing colors, it would create eye issues for anyone staring at them. The 5050 LED uses about 60mA of power, has a surface area of 25mm squared, and a brightness of 22 lumens.


3528 LED
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The dimensions of this chip are 3.5mm by 2.8mm. It is smaller and less bright than the 5050, but their smaller size allows them to be packed much closer to each other, which increases their brightness significantly. When packed that close, they produce more light than the 5050.

The 3628 lights are best suited for TV backlighting, splashing colors on the walls, accent lighting for pictures and statues in the house, the kitchen cabinets m under tables, and so on. They work best when covered up to block their direct glare, instead directing that light to bounce off other objects first.

The advantage that this diode has over most of the others is their sizes and lumen power. They are small enough to be packed to up to 600 of them on a single strip giving them more power than higher-ranked diodes, and at the same time they have a better brightness power than lower diodes.

3528 LEDs are RGB LED strip China products that have a chip surface area of 9.8mm squared, consumes about 30mA of power, and has a lumen flux of about 8 lumens.


5630 LED
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5630 is the biggest chip on this list and one of the brightest in the market, second only to 5730, the biggest of them all. Owing to the size of this chip, a very small number of them can be fitted on a single strip, but they make up for that with impressive lumen power. They are used to create LED bulbs for homes and can be used in place of the normal incandescent lights as they use less power and produce less heat.

The 5630 LED diode consumes about 150mA of power and has an output of between 45-50 lumens. They are sold as wholesale RGB LED strips.

The Verdict



Chip Surface Area

Lumen Flux

Power Consumption


3.5mm x2.8mm

9.8 mm2

6-8 lumens



5.0mm x 5.0mm

25 mm2

16-22 lumens

60 mA


5.6mm x 3.0mm

16.8 mm2

45-50 lumens

150 mA

The question of which is brighter among 5050, 3528, and 5630, the answer depends on how they are used. If they are used individually, then 5630 is the brightest of the three because it is bigger and packs more power. When it comes to bulk RGB LED strip, the sheer numbers of LEDs that can be squeezed into one strip, then the 3528 gets the upper hand as more of them can be accommodated on a single PCB, and this raises their brightness.


There’s no set rule on how the three LEDs can be used; it all comes down to what you want to do with them. However, brighter LEDs are best suited for bigger spaces and outdoors; using a 5630 LED in a small cramped space may not be a good idea as it will be too bright.

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